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Ethics & Intuition
A LIVE Panel Conversation
Saturday, May 27th @ 12PM EST
A FREE Exploration to Discover Your Purpose
Spiritual Compass
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Begins May 8th, 2023!
Connect with Spirit in a Deeper Way
Automatic Writing
April 22nd, 2023
Word of the Year
An Intentions Setting Workshop
January 7th, 2023 @ 12:00 EST
Spiritual Evolution® Collective
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Work with Us
ADVENTURES with Spirit!

Presented by the
Spiritual Evolution® Collective

Automatic Writing

Connect with Spirit in a Deeper Way

Hosted by Andrea Neville and Jessica Paschke

Have you been wanting to connect with Spirit and your Higher Self, but don’t know where to start?

Maybe you’re already connecting via cards and meditation but you’re looking for another way to take your connection to the next level?

Saturday, April 22nd, 2023
12:00pm EST
$55 USD

A journal with pages of writing flipping open on a wood table with a pen and cup of tea in the background.

Presented by the
Spiritual Evolution® Collective

Spiritual Compass

A FREE 5-Day Exploration to Discover Your Purpose 

Hosted by Andrea Neville and Jessica Paschke

Spiritual Compass is an exploration for spiritually curious people to connect to — and learn how to use! — their own unique Spiritual Compass. In this exploration, you’ll get the support, tools, and confidence you need to begin discovering your purpose and calling in this life.

Opens Saturday, May 6th, 2023
Begins Monday May 8th, 2023

An antique compass on lava rocks.


Set Off On an Adventure of Discovery with the Spiritual Evolution Collective

Are you spiritually curious? Do you possess an insatiable desire to explore the depths of your purpose and unearth your soul's true path? If so, then prepare yourself for an extraordinary adventure that goes beyond the surface of everyday life...


An Exclusive 2:1 Experience

Meet with Andrea and Jessica for your own personal reading.

During the hour-long appointment, they will work together to offer direct communication with your Spirit Team and Loved Ones. Whether you are simply curious or have specific needs to be addressed, they will share messages and insights to help you on your adventure.

As professional mediums and intuitives, Andrea and Jessica create a curiosity-led space that allows you to dive deeper into your own inner knowing and soul adventure. They can connect with loved ones who have crossed over to the other side to bring through messages that are rooted in love, helping you to heal. They also work with your Spirit Guides and Angels to bring through messages meant to support you in understanding life events.

The session will start out with a brief introduction where they will cover the basics of how a reading works and answer any questions you have about the process. They’ll also encourage you to share your desired topic for the reading. Know that while they may work beyond your intended reason for the reading, they will address your initial inquiry. Both Andrea and Jessica like to keep the conversation open as they weave the messages from Spirit into your story. Don't see a time on the calendar that works? Send us an email and we can chat about finding a time that fits all of our schedules!

Schedule Now!

Word of the Year

A Soul Studio Workshop

Why limit yourself to a resolution, when you can create an intention that acts as a compass for your Soul for the entire year?

Word of the Year is a 90-minute workshop for intuitive and empathic folks who want to learn how to unlock the magic of focused intention. During this live class, we will dive deep into discovering what you want to create for 2022, using one word as your guide.

What is Word of the Year? This workshop was born from my own powerful, personal experience working with one new word every year, for the last five years. I actually use this practice for my clients, as well. Saturday, January 22nd; 12PM EST.

Share the Journey

An Evening of Guidance & Conversation

Why limit yourself to a resolution, when you can create an intention that acts as a compass for your Soul for the entire year?

Bring your questions, your wisdom, and join us. With St. Francis as our guide, a shared channeled theme for the group comes through. The “group theme” is explored in a reading for each participant.I will use my skills to share Spirit insight and facilitate the conversation, helping guide you and the group. This is a safe, inclusive, supportive environment where everyone is valued.Expect continued learning and understanding, growth, and a little bit of fun! As a group we work on your behalf to expand awareness of your journey through your life.

*Max. 6 participants. This event will take place virtually over Zoom.
Saturday, January 15th; 4:30 p.m EST.

An image of Andrea Neville.

Work with Andrea

Psychic medium, spiritual teacher, and healer

I work with ascended beings of consciousness as well as your spirit guides, guardian angels, loved ones, and Akashic Records to bring greater clarity. With assistance from Spirit, I hope to offer what you need in your highest good. I create a safe space where you can explore patterns, challenges, and opportunities in your life. By connecting you to Spirit, I can help you to shift your perspective and transform your story.

An image of Jessica Paschke.

Work with Jessica

Intuitive guide, medium, and empath

I help bridge the gap and act as a guide to greater clarity and deeper joy, helping you to tap into your inner truth and knowing. This deeper sense of connection with Spirit empowers you to move forward with confidence and co-create an authentic life based on your own personal truth, experience, and wisdom.

Is Adventures with Spirit Right For You?

Our podcast is for anyone looking to develop their intuitive abilities, learn how to connect with Spirit to enhance your daily life, and to learn more about what Spirit has to offer!

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