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Journey Beyond the Surface of Every Day Life and Embrace the Spirit of Adventure...

Ready to set off on a soul-stirring journey of spiritual discovery?

Unlock the secrets of your purpose and connect with your spiritual essence at the Spiritual Evolution Collective—a sanctuary for intuitive transformation and profound evolution. Join a vibrant community of like-minded souls who share your curiosity for the spiritual realm.

I would love to welcome you to an extraordinary adventure of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Are you prepared to step through the doorway of transformation and embrace the magic that awaits?

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with your inner wisdom and experience the boundless possibilities of the spiritual realm. There's a whole world of spiritual connection and divine wisdom waiting to be discovered!

Five yellow stars in a horizontal row.

I have been in many different master minds learning various subjects, the Spiritual Evolution Collective is one of the best as far as the information that’s presented, the way it’s presented, the thought that is put into it , the caring of what is happening with the participants and if they understanding the information. You care and that’s what makes this Collective a unique experience for each one of us , where we are in our spiritual evolution! Thank you for the time and effort that you pour into this brilliant place of learning and discovering.

Jeanne Bundy, Author of Beyond Goodbye: Living the Experience of Loss

The key to a life filled with more joy, clarity, confidence and trust?

It's connection—to your intuition, to Spirit, and to your community.

Connection is everything.
Five yellow stars in a horizontal row.

In the few short months I have spent in the Collective, I have gone from being scared to open up and questioning if all of this is real to feeling safe enough to dive headfirst into everything that Spirit has to offer. I can confidently say that I have a working relationship with my angels and spirit team which I didn’t even think was possible before joining this group. I will be forever grateful for the support and guidance and for paving the path for me to embark on this journey.


In the Spiritual Evolution Collective, I help you create and nurture connections in three powerful areas of your spiritual world:

  • Intuition. Developing an intuitive connection you can trust empowers you to navigate the world around you with confidence. In the Collective, we dive into grounding techniques, energy management, clairs, protective energy practices, meditation and more. My intention is to help you build a strong intuitive foundation that guides you through the ever changing path of life.
  • Spirit. Unlock the gateway to the spirit realm as we explore topics like mediumship, spirit guides, angels, tarot, oracle cards, and automatic writing. By creating a direct line to Spirit, you gain access to a powerful support system and ultimate back up team that helps you get clarity on your path, encourages spiritual growth and offers clarity about your life’s purpose.
  • Evolution. As souls on a human journey, we are here to learn and grow. Within the Collective, we engage in meaningful discussions about ego, higher self, life purpose, spiritual discernment, ethics, intention setting, soul contracts and much more. These explorations are the jumping off point for you to unravel your unique “why” and gain awareness of all the facets that help to shape your journey here on earth.


Open the Door to Spiritual Connection and Divine Wisdom...

Here's what you'll be unlocking, when you join the Spiritual Evolution Collective:

Monthly Development Circle

The heart of our spiritual exploration lies in our monthly development circles—an immersive live gathering where we dive into intuitive development and exploring your evolution. Each circle begins with a centering practice before we begin the scheduled topic for that call. My approach goes beyond the “what” and “why” of things; I equip you with invaluable tools and techniques to integrate these concepts into your everyday life.

Monthly Back to Basics Workshop

We have a very curious community and born from this curiosity is a genuine desire to explore topics at their foundational core. Community members decide the theme to explore each month, and together, we embark on a journey “back to the basics”. What makes these workshops truly remarkable is that even the most intuitively seasoned members walk away with a new perspective on their intuition and spirit connection.

Monthly Open Mic

Open Mics are magic. Join for an hour of community togetherness, where you’ll receive psychic and mediumship readings.. You also get a behind the scenes look, as I explain the connection process and offer a play-by-play account of how to bring messages to those I am reading for. No two open mics are the same. They’re definitely a don’t miss event!

Soul Studio Library

The Soul Studio Library is an intuitive treasure trove of information. Overflowing with videos, meditations, exercises, and tools, this intuitive vault is organized into three key sections—Foundations, Connection, and Evolution. I consistently update and enrich this resource to meet the community’s needs.

Monthly Reflections

As each month draws to a close, we reflect back on the Collective’s journey that month. By looking at the recurring themes and conversations that arose, I create an inspiration guidebook for further support. In this guidebook, I revisit facets of our past Masterclasses, like Word of the Year, providing additional tools and prompts to elevate your spiritual practice. And, of course, no end-of-month reflection would be complete without a Soul Tarot Layout designed to be used with your tarot, oracle or angel cards.

Private Community

We have an especially vibrant and nurturing community brimming with spiritually curious souls of all experience levels. Here, we celebrate the power of togetherness, creating a deep sense of connection that thrives in our private Facebook group. In this space, you'll find an abundance of wisdom, guidance, and mentorship to fuel your journey. I am personally on hand to answer your questions, providing invaluable support every step of the way. But it doesn't stop there—our community is a place where each member's unique wisdom and experiences are valued and shared.


Think of our Collective Mixers like intuitive happy hours--everyone grabs a cup of tea or coffee and gathers to chat about what is happening in their lives. These are relaxed lives with a very specific intention—to connect to fellow members in a unstructured environment. Mixers happen seasonally and are not recorded.

Quarterly Masterclasses

Masterclasses are intensives offered quarterly that are open to the public, but free for members of the Collective. Each masterclass includes a guidebook and a live 90 minute workshop diving into different intuitive practices, energetic beings, and spiritual ideas, like Soul Contracts, Angels, and Automatic Writing. While offered to the public, each masterclass is developed specifically for the needs of the members in the Collective and I often take what I teach in the class deeper in the group.

Bonus Resources

In addition to all of these amazing offerings above, I have a few additional resources: pop-up Facebook lives, community 5-day challenges, study calendars, surveys, and more...

Five yellow stars in a horizontal row.

I recommend Spiritual Evolution Collective to anyone who is looking to expand their awareness and who they are and why they have come here at this time. SEC gives you space to explore who you really are, how powerful you are beyond the human and tap into hidden senses and support systems you did not even realise existed.

Rachel Conroy, Reiki Master and Holistic Health Coach

Meet Your Guide

Begin the next leg of your spiritual journey with me, Jessica Paschke—an experienced spiritual guide, Certified Equity Centered coach, and medium.

Having touched the lives of hundreds of clients worldwide, I'm ready to help you unlock the door to your intuition. Trusting your inner voice and discovering your own unique path to Spirit is my specialty, and I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

You can also dive deep into the spiritual world with  the popular podcast I co-host, Adventures with Spirit. This immersive series explores a wide array of spiritual topics, offering invaluable support for your own exploration and growth.

My goal is to weave integrity, connection, curosity and a touch of adventure into everything I do. I'd love to be a source you can trust on your path of self-discovery and transformation. Get ready to embrace the magic that awaits, as you open your heart to the possibilities that lie ahead.

A little mystery is a good thing—but not when it comes to tech. Here's an insider's look at what happens after you click the button and pay:

— Step 1: Complete Questionnaire

Once you click the button and pay, you'll be redirected to a page with a questionnaire on it. In order to secure your spot in the Collective, the questionnaire needs to be filled out within 24 hours of joining.

Completing this questionnaire is the important first step to mentoring.

Do not close your browser window or tab once you start the questionnaire or your progress will be lost.

— Step 2: Receive Personalized Welcome Email

Once you submit your answers, you will receive a email from me within 24-48 hours, welcoming you into the Collective with personalized guidance on how to get started.

If you don't hear from me, the email may have landed in your junk or spam folder. I will ALWAYS reply.

Please reach out to support via email if you haven't received an email, and be sure to add me as a safe sender.

— Step 3: Check Your Email for Your Soul Studio Library Log-in

The next email you receive—after the welcome note—is super important for two reasons:

1) It will have important log-in details to help you access the Soul Studio Library. Please save this email! (If you can't remember your log-in details, you can always go back to this email to gain access.)

2) This email acts as a "key" to start unlocking all the different parts of the Collective that make up your membership. By logging in, you begin what many of our members call the "concierge" welcome sequence.

If you don't log-in and complete the welcome sequence, you will not be able to access the membership, live calls, library, and private community.

— Step 4: Complete the Collective onboarding

The final step is to complete the welcome sequence. This process is set up so that you know exactly how the membership works, what the guidelines are, when the live calls are, and are able to access important information. It also helps you get used to the technical aspects of the Library and gives you the link to join the private Facebook group.

You MUST mark "complete" for each step, in order to move to the BEST part of the whole thing....the Collective!

Once you completed the onboarding process, you have FULL access to all the Collective has to offer.

Need tech help? My team is amazing and super nice. (And they're used to me asking all the tech questions, all the time LOL)

Please reach out to support via email if you encounter any issues.


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Five yellow stars in a horizontal row.

Love, love, love the humor that is part of the group, as well as the compassion and seriousness of in-depth listening that has already happened. My favorite thing about SEC? That it exists!

Five yellow stars in a horizontal row.

I walked away from two memberships with thousands of members that promised support from the “teacher”, a community and a place to grow. It never materialized. The SEC is exactly what Jessica and Andrea offered. I am not faceless member in a crowd of thousands. Both of these amazing women are fully engaged in ensuring that I am successful.

Mary B.

Five yellow stars in a horizontal row.

Jessica and Andrea distill their years of experiences into an engaging and entertaining format and have created a wonderful community to share their knowledge while providing a safe place for others to explore. The content, community, connection are all fabulous and I’m really happy I joined.


Five yellow stars in a horizontal row.

I love the content, the videos, the meditations soooo much. There is so much there, thank you. I also appreciate the way everything is presented, without shoulds, without dogma or branding. I feel supported and guided when I'm doing the work, by Spirit of course, lol, but also by the spirit of the group, and by the structure and intention with which the modules have been created. I'm just really grateful to everyone at SEC. I feel at home here. I am supported and guided, feel in community, and am granted the grace to find my own way, my own voice. The energy of SEC is wise benevolence itself.


Five yellow stars in a horizontal row.

The Collective is a wonderful group to be part of. The space is designed to be supportive at whatever level you are at, everyone is so encouraging of each other and Jessica and Andrea truly put their heart and soul into every aspect of the group. They keep things light and fun, while answering any questions we come up with to the best of their experiences. They truly encourage us to explore and find what works best for us, that there is no one way to connect and again are fully supportive of each of us on our journey.

Vickie, Psychic Medium

Five yellow stars in a horizontal row.

I appreciate that you frequently remind us that we are not behind and that working with SEC is perfectly fine done at whatever pace we are currently doing it at. This brings breathing space and time for things to percolate, simmer and for "ahas!" to spring forth.

Five yellow stars in a horizontal row.

The Soul Studio Library is just beautifully done. It's logical, it tells a complete story, it's easy to find things and follow along, all the links work, and the content is beautifully written. Bravo!

Five yellow stars in a horizontal row.

I took all this on trust, relying on my good feelings about Andrea and Jessica. I haven't been disappointed. This is an important lesson about trust! Go on - do it - you won't regret it if spiritual development is what you want.


Five yellow stars in a horizontal row.

I love the live events! Since I work from home (and am kind of a lone ranger), I appreciate the energy of the group and of Andrea and Jessica working together. I am always a little bit stunned (in a good way!) at the depth of each of the activities you have made available to us. So many great questions to spark journaling and self-awareness!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the Collective?

The cost of the Collective for one year is $655 for 12 months, $339 for 6 months, or $59 per month with a 6 month minimum commitment. Members who pay the year in full will keep this annual price for life as long they remain in the Collective. (All prices USD)

Why do I have to complete a questionnaire?

This private community is a different kind of experience than what you may be used to. I have you answer a series of questions, so that I can meet you right where you are and help you feel confident when you join the community.

How long does the questionnaire take to complete?

The questionnaire consists of 11 short questions, and takes about 10 minutes to complete. Please take your time filling it out. I personally read each answer and use this information to support you on your journey.

I will always reply back to you, once I have read through your responses. So keep an eye on your email for a personal message from me!

Are you really going to support me as much as you say you will?

Yes! That is the whole purpose of the Collective—to give you the support you need when you need it. The magic of this  community is that I'm the one who teaches and supports you--not another student or assigned mentor. I'm in the community every day and on each of the live calls.

Will the classes be at the same time every month or random?

There is a core collection of pre-recorded classes in the Soul Studio Library. These classes are available on-demand. I also add content consistently throughout the year, based on the group’s interests and requests. There are also live classes and Evolution circles every month. The days and times vary to accommodate all the different time zones of our members.

If you can’t make it to live events—that’s ok. There will be replays and chances to submit your questions ahead of time to be answered live.

What will the main focus of the Collective be?

The Collective is going to be a blend of topics. The subjects I cover will be diverse—from mediumship to psychic development to core foundational intuitive practices to various spiritual topics like Soul Contracts, Akashic Records, and more. This is perfect for curious souls! My goal is to help you connect with Spirit, while evolving and understanding yourself more deeply. I love following my curiosity—and I create space to follow what the community is curious about, as well.

What if the yearly price is a stretch for me?

No worries—I’ve got you covered! If $655 for 12 months doesn’t work for you right now, we’re also offering a 6 month option for $339, and a plan for $59 per month with a 6 month minimum commitment.

However, if you really can’t afford it right now, the doors will open again later and in the meantime, tune into the Adventures with Spirit Podcast or check out my independent studies to keep your own journey going.

I’m not good in groups. Is this community for me? 

Yes! Here’s why: Think of the Spiritual Evolution Collective like a “choose your own” adventure experience. You get to pick which aspects feel good to you and go from there. Not good in groups? Catch the replays. Like social interaction? Tune in to chat with others in the private Facebook Group or mixers. Need help or guidance? Show up for the lives or submit your questions in advance. It’s totally up to you how you move through the Collective.

How is this different from other spiritual communities or memberships I’ve been involved in before?

Great question. Foremost, you aren’t going to be an unknown face in a sea of a thousand, I am intentionally creating a close community, so I can support you in multiple ways. I continue to add a variety of new content and revise existing resources along the way. I also ask you what you need and help guide you through the process. You matter to me and I have built support systems into the Collective to help you.

How does the questionnaire process work?

The first step is to click the "join now" button and select the payment plan that works best for you. Once you've paid, you'll receive a link in your email to fill out the questionnaire.

I will personally read through your responses and send you a reply via email. Please keep an eye out for our email—it will arrive in your inbox 24-48 hours after you have submitted your questionnaire.

If you don’t get a response from me within that time frame, please reach out to me. I will always reply to each questionnaire and my response may have gone to your spam folder (learn how to add me as a safe sender here).

How long are the live calls and classes?

Calls will range from 60 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the topic we’re discussing.

Will there be a way to communicate/practice with other class participants throughout the month?

I’ve developed a safe space to communicate and practice with others, using a private Facebook Group as a gathering place. I'm not just saying that. I have spent just over two year with the Institute of Equity Coaching with Trudi LeBron learning how to create safe spaces and practices. I am constantly continuing my education in this field. Spiritual learning should be for EVERYONE. I hols live monthly circles and workshops where we gather as a community and explore different aspects of evolution and intuitive development. Each season, there is a Collective Mixer, where we get together to chat and catch up on life.

Is there a certification program?

There is no certification at this time. This doesn’t mean that I won’t develop one as time progresses, but at this point Spirit hasn’t directed me to provide one, yet.

Spiritual Evolution Collective is going to help you...

  • Empower yourself with a direct connection to Spirit
  • Get curious with our Collective community, enjoying the company of like minded folks
  • Transform your life into one filled with more joy, grace, and ease
  • Discover new metaphysical tools & topics (and learn how to actually use them!)

What’s Included

  • Evolution and Development Circles
  • Open Mic Gallery Readings
  • Back to Basics and Deep Dive Workshops
  • Access to Andrea, Jessica, and the community in a private Facebook group
  • Ever-expanding Collective-exclusive Soul Studio library  (currently jam-packed with over 100 videos, 25 meditations, and more than 25 guidebooks to dive into what you need on-demand!)
  • Low annual Lifetime price of $666* for as long as you belong to the Collective
  • Discounts for sessions, masterclasses, and intensives from Andrea and Jessica
  • Access to other resources to help you along the way

*What is Lifetime price?

We’re so glad you asked! When you purchase the annual membership plan, you lock in your membership at a low $666 USD for as long as you remain in the Collective.

What will make this an easy decision for you?

  • A flexible annual, semi-annual or monthly plan? Yes!
  • Support every step of the way? Count on it!
  • Access to meditations, classes, and lives? 24/7 in the Soul Studio Library!
  • Monthly workshops, gallery readings, and evolution and development circles? LIVE with Andrea & Jessica!
  • Connection to a safe space with an amazing group of people? Absolutely!

In the Collective, you will have both of us guiding you through lives, gallery readings, classes, meditations, and more. And it's not just going to be us, either—you'll be surrounded by a powerful community that will not only support you every day, but keep you accountable (something we all desperately need).

If you have any questions please email the Collective support team at


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Spiritual Evolution®

We help you explore whole new worlds.

  • ✓ Back to Basics Live
    60-minute Live Call Focusing on Intuitive Foundations: $660
  • ✓ Open Mic Gallery Readings
    60-75 minute Live Gallery Reading: $780
  • ✓ Development Circles
    60-minute Live Call Working on Intuitive Skills or Exploring Evolution: $780
  • ✓ Quarterly Social Mixer
    Community Connection Hour: $180
  • ✓ Quarterly Workshops
    60-90 minute Deep Dive Workshop: $220
  • ✓ Soul Studio Library
    Packed with over 90 videos, 25 meditations, and more than 15 guidebooks: $777
  • ✓ End of Month Reflections
    Guidebook with Exercises and Reflections for the Month: $396
  • ✓ Popup Live Sessions
    30-60 minute FB Live Sessions to Support the Collective: $444
  • ✓ Mentorship and Coaching
    From Andrea and Jessica: Priceless
  • Total Value:
    More than