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Soul Contracts Workshop

A LIVE Experience

presented by

Adventures with Spirit
Soul Studio®

Saturday, March 12th 12:00pm EST
$44 USD

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Can you recall a time in life when you knew a Soul Contract was happening? I can think of a handful of Soul Contracts off the top of my head that changed my life.

✨ Discovering that a good, long-lost friend was living just miles down the road from me during a time when we BOTH desperately needed support and more joy in our lives.

✨ Signing up for online dating, only to have my very first match be my husband.

✨ Meeting a woman who was so generous that on our second "friend date" she leant me her own wedding dress so I could get eloped....then forming a life long friendship with her.

✨ When I was 5 a person at a garden store said I had a beautiful voice. I was singing at the top of my long pretending to be Snow White amongst the fountains. 😂

All of these encounters are Soul Contracts. But you see, these meetings were just the beginning. Soul Contracts are really about the change or pivot that happens because of them. The connection was just the very first step in the contract.

Soul Contracts are agreements between two souls, allowing them to learn and move further in this journey on earth. There are so many different ways to access your soul contract information. Andrea uses your Spirit Guides or Akashic Records and Jessica connects to your Soul’s Blueprint & Spirit Team.

Join Andrea and Jessica for this 2 hour LIVE experience to further explore soul contracts: what they are, how they work, and what you can learn from them. This workshop includes:

  • A Workshop Guidebook
  • A Soul Journey to meet an Outer Band Guide
  • Access to the Call Replay
  • Additional resources to help you apply the information beyond the workshop

Special 2:1 Session offer for workshop attendees only!
$100 OFF

Andrea and Jessica are offering the opportunity for a 2:1 private session, helping you to explore and examine your soul contracts. Your reading may also include additional information outside of soul contracts, as well. There are only 3 spaces available for purchase at a special workshop rate of $400 (regular price is $500) which must be purchased at the time of sign up.

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