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Show Notes

The Strength of Going with the Flow

The Strength Card depicts a woman who is calm and appears to be at peace. She also happens to be standing next to a lion. She is not threatened by the 420 pound behemoth creature that could pounce on her at any moment. She has courage, trust and confidence that lion will not hurt her. Do you have these same feeling of assurance towards your Spirit Guides?

In this episode, we will be discussing strength, planning and going with the flow. Although those words sound like they should never be placed together in the same sentence, they are all needed in order to fulfill the next adventure Spirit has in store for you.

Let's start the Adventure! Join us as we discuss:

  1. Synchronicities
  2. Flow
  3. Evolutionary Process
  4. Trust
  5. Strength
  6. Spirit Guides
  7. Structured Control
  8. Planning
  9. Action Steps

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This podcast is hosted by Andrea Neville and Jessica Paschke. As professional mediums and intuitives, their goal is to create a curiosity-led space that allows you to dive deeper into your own personal inner knowing and soul adventure, empowering you to create more joy and connection in your life. They'd love to have you join the conversation to explore the Spirit realm and how it can enrich all lives.

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Episode Transcript

The Strength in Going with the Flow

[00:00:00] Jessica: All of a sudden, we decided to take like a new perspective. We started to ask a lot of questions because we're question people. And when we want to like understand something or dive into something, one of us will ask the other a question. Like not a question, dozens of questions, which is actually my favorite thing.

[00:00:19] Jessica: I love being asked questions and I love asking them.

[00:00:23] Andrea: She really does. I know that that's how she works. So that's, that's literally what I did to help spur this. I just said, Jessica, let me ask you some questions. It set us up. So here we are in question mode and conversation kind of answering them for ourselves and for you.

[00:00:41] Andrea: And

[00:00:43] Jessica: what kind of rose to the surface with this, and I think it's important is that we realized this card was in motion for both of us. In very different ways in this present moment. And so Andrea likes to call it oversharing. I like to call it telling a story. Turns on the day.

[00:01:04] Andrea: When you have a new opportunity, how do you know whether to say yes or no? I'm Andrea Neville, and I have been taught by spirit that when a new opportunity presents itself, I was guided

[00:01:15] Jessica: there. And I'm Jessica Paschke, and I firmly believe that everyone is intuitive. Everyone. In this podcast, we share spiritual adventures

[00:01:24] Andrea: and we invite you to share yours as well.

[00:01:27] Andrea: You can submit your experiences or questions to adventureswithspirit. com.

[00:01:33] Jessica: We will give you specific tools and practices so you can navigate your journey with more confidence. If you find the answers helpful, leave a review wherever you listen to podcasts. Are you ready to be adventurous? Welcome

[00:01:45] Andrea: to Adventures with Spirit.

[00:01:49] Andrea: Hey, everybody. Welcome in. How are you doing today?

[00:01:52] Jessica: Hello, everyone. We're back.

[00:01:57] Andrea: Did we ever

[00:01:57] Jessica: leave? I don't know. I love the beginning of a season, because we never really know where it's going to go. Like, it's such an adventure for

[00:02:05] Andrea: real. It is. It's like a treasure chest just waiting to be revealed once you start opening the lid.

[00:02:11] Andrea: I know. You

[00:02:12] Jessica: never, like, you have an idea, but then, like... These little surprises pop up, these little shifts and changes. I don't know. It's very exciting. I agree. I

[00:02:21] Andrea: agree. All in let me just refresh everybody. For a moment, and Jessica, feel free to help with this, we started out the season going a completely different direction than expected.

[00:02:33] Andrea: We are working on an arc of tarot cards, actually, that Jessica drew. And since this has been happening, I just have to tell you, our lives are following suit.

[00:02:48] Jessica: This always happens. I feel comfortable saying always. Happened last season. Happened the season before. And every season I'm like, we're going to pick better next season.

[00:02:59] Jessica: And so then we pick something and then our lives, our lives are like, it's like a divination. It truly is like a form of divination. And

[00:03:08] Andrea: growth. And growth. We are growing through every single one of these. And whatever the theme happens to be for the podcast for the week, we seem to be experiencing IRL.

[00:03:20] Jessica: Yeah. In real life. And in the SEC, the Spiritual Evolution Collective. Oh,

[00:03:24] Andrea: that just happened with open mic. Yeah!

[00:03:28] Jessica: It pops up in that space too and they don't even know what we're recording right now. I find that interesting too. So I always think that when you have that many synchronicities happening, those many things like lining up, that you're on the right track because it wouldn't be lining up.

[00:03:44] Jessica: You couldn't make things like this happen even if you wanted to.

[00:03:47] Andrea: That's when I always say, I can't make this up. It's just, and I love, I love it when spirit shows up this way. I'm just like,

[00:03:56] Jessica: because it's a sign, it's a kind of sign that tells you you're, yeah, you're on the right track. Keep going. So what the

[00:04:03] Andrea: heck are we talking about?

[00:04:04] Andrea: The only way we knew how to explain this is of course by oversharing. So I'm Bye.

[00:04:12] Andrea: But in the last episode, we were talking about the leap of faith. And then in this episode, the card that is tied to it is the strength card. So Jessica is our resident expert. I will throw it to you to kind of weave those two together and so that everybody knows where we're starting from today.

[00:04:36] Jessica: Yes, because I think spirit has a sense of humor.

[00:04:39] Jessica: I'm going to start with that. I believe for me, spirit has a sense of humor. And so as I was sitting down with the strength card, I got really locked into a meaning of the strength card that, that really comes up for me quite often and resonates with me. And I got so locked onto it that I couldn't see what the meaning needed to be, what it needed to evolve in, right?

[00:05:04] Jessica: Where it needed to go. And we had to sit with this card for a hot second. We did. Because we thought it was one thing, and then it evolved into something else that actually it hit the spot. And the reason that we knew that it wasn't our first idea, which was this idea of soft control versus hard control, or fate versus destiny, which is actually coming in a different episode.

[00:05:27] Jessica: It didn't feel right. That's the best. way I can explain it? It fell too

[00:05:31] Andrea: big at this juncture.

[00:05:33] Jessica: It's coming later. Correct. Yes, it was not the right spot for it, but then I couldn't think outside myself. My brain kicked in. And I couldn't get around, I couldn't get past that. How many times have y'all had that happen where, where you just saw something as one way and then, then you couldn't move forward because you couldn't reimagine it?

[00:05:53] Jessica: So we had to let the card sit for a hot second and step back. But then when we stepped back and we, we gave it some space and we came forward. All of a sudden we decided to take like a new perspective. We started to ask a lot of questions because we're question people. And when we want to like understand something or dive into something, one of us will ask the other a question, like not a question, dozens of questions, which is actually my favorite thing.

[00:06:21] Jessica: I love being asked questions and I love asking them.

[00:06:25] Andrea: She really does. I know that that's how she works. So that's, that's literally what I did to help spur this. I just said, Jessica, let me ask you some questions. It set us up. So here we are in question mode and conversation kind of answering them. For ourselves and for you.

[00:06:45] Jessica: And what kind of rose to the surface with this, and I think it's important, is that we realized this card was in motion for both of us in very different ways in this present moment. And so Andrea likes to call it oversharing. I like to call it telling a story. Depends on the

[00:07:01] Andrea: day.

[00:07:04] Jessica: Strength in this case wasn't really about soft versus hard control. It was about this idea of flow. Versus control a little bit different theme and variation. We were so close, but not there quite yet. Right. So when we hit this idea of flow versus control, then all of a sudden we started seeing it everywhere in our lives, in our work, in our readings.

[00:07:31] Jessica: And we knew we were onto something. So we started with the fool and we took this leap of faith and then we had all this excitement. We're talking about the evolutionary process on a whole all this excitement you take a leap of faith. Yeah, and now What next and often

[00:07:51] Andrea: may I say it's yes I'm sorry But I have to say because you said a word to me that you didn't say right now that I loved That for me kicked the whole thing open when we were talking about it and you were like, you know the evolutionary process And the leap of faith and the strength, it's so nebulous.

[00:08:11] Andrea: And I was like, Oh, I love that word. That's it. And that's when we both said ding, ding, ding.

[00:08:18] Jessica: It is so nebulous because what the heck does leap of faith even mean? Like there we go.

[00:08:23] Andrea: What does evolution even

[00:08:24] mean?

[00:08:24] Jessica: Evolution mean? And if one more person tells me to go with the flow, I might implode, right? Okay.

[00:08:33] Jessica: Leap of faith, evolution, go with the flow. These are all really amazing things that can be really, really helpful. But they're really nebulous, meaning What does it even mean? How does that actually work in real life? Because once you take the leap, you have to go with the flow. Yeah, you do. So what does going in with the flow mean for you, Andrea?

[00:08:50] Jessica: When someone says, go with the, going with the flow, I'm going with the flow. Like, or for yourself anyway.

[00:08:55] Andrea: Phrasing it that way, it depends on when I'm hearing it as to whether I'm thinking in my head where they can go with that statement. Or whether I'm saying, absolutely right, I do need to just let go of my need to control this.

[00:09:11] Andrea: And just allow spirit, universe, all that's involved to just see where, how it unfolds. For me, it's like being aware of how it unfolds, because when I see the how, that kind of helps me know the where, which leads to the point. I

[00:09:31] Jessica: like that. I like that a lot. I think for me, going with the flow, after I get done with my initial annoyance of it, uh, Of the phrase can definitely mean getting out of my own way.

[00:09:47] Jessica: You actually said something that was really interesting that got me thinking. You said the phrase dismantle the dam and you know I'm a water person and I just had this this like beautiful image of like Opening the dam, letting it flow out, kind of getting out of your own way, for me, almost. And there is an intensity to that flow as well, don't you think?

[00:10:12] Jessica: There is. The dam is the control. Correct. So once you let go of the control and you let the waters go, it can almost feel like you're going underwater a little bit at first. Because it's so much. It's a rush. Mm hmm. It's a rush. And so I think going with the flow looks like a lot of different things and can mean a lot of different

[00:10:31] Andrea: things.

[00:10:32] Andrea: Do you think that going with the flow has embedded in it inherently, if you allow it, balance? I

[00:10:40] Jessica: think if you're going to do it well, there is balance. Okay. I agree. It's necessary. If you do it well, it's necessary. If you do it in a bypass way, by bypass meaning like as an avoidance technique, then I'm not going to make any, I'm not going to make any decisions, that's not going with the flow, that's toxic passativity.

[00:11:01] Jessica: You know,

[00:11:01] Andrea: toxic passativity. I like it. I like it.

[00:11:07] Jessica: Yeah, but balance is necessary for sure.

[00:11:09] Andrea: We've lapped and we're going into flow and remember different things, right? And when you took that leap of faith, like you're really excited. And I remember Jessica said in that, that episode when we were talking, she was like, yeah, I'm, I'm always in, I'm in my joy and my excitement there when I take that leap.

[00:11:28] Andrea: And we talked about how you need to just kind of release that control, which is the ego. So now you're doing this because remember, we're in the strength card. What does going with the flow look like? Well, some

[00:11:42] Jessica: of that will pull over from leap of faith, i. e. following your joy, your happiness, your passions.

[00:11:47] Jessica: You'll take that optimism from your leap of faith and bring it with you initially. It might not always be present. You should be following at least an intention because I think those intentions are fuel for the journey. Having a clear intention, I think is huge and intentions will morph. Andrea says this all the time and I love it.

[00:12:07] Jessica: Intentions will change and shift. And so you got to check back in with them. But if you, if you can get clear on your intentions, not what you think it's going to look like, but how you want to feel and sort of the overarching. What would, it's not a goal, purpose,

[00:12:23] Andrea: maybe, I don't know what would you say purpose because the intentions do change and morph, but only if you are changing, growing.

[00:12:34] Andrea: Honestly, I don't care if you're growing forward or going, growing backwards, there's still going to be a shift or a change. Even if you're staying in place and there's no growth at all, that's still going to impact. Your intentions, which impacts the outcome, the goal. It's almost as though you, you follow the pieces, the signs, the breadcrumbs, the unfolding kind of like a little path.

[00:13:03] Andrea: But what if you're following that path of breadcrumbs, because that's easy to envision, and just going with the flow as you follow it, right? With that, that curiosity, where is this leading? That's tapping into flow.

[00:13:17] Jessica: Yeah. And you have to have courage. And strength. My favorite

[00:13:21] Andrea: thing. That's why it's the strength card.

[00:13:24] Jessica: Yeah. Courage and strength to let go and trust. You just said the

[00:13:29] Andrea: million dollar word. Yeah. Trusting is hard, but boy, is it the big one. Strength equals trust. All capital letters. All capital letters. And it requires working out in order to keep it going. Yeah. Mm

[00:13:47] Jessica: hmm. 100%. And don't you think your perspective on it too?

[00:13:53] Jessica: Affects it, affects your ability to flow if you are looking at it from a mindset, a mindset of like hope, faith, trust versus this is never going to work out. There's no possible way it could work out. That's hard to work against that mindset. That's hard. It's really

[00:14:12] Andrea: challenging. Or even if it's not going to work out, what if it's, I always get this or I always expect this or I don't want to do this.

[00:14:20] Andrea: I don't want to do this. I don't want to do this. Well, what do you not want to do? Drill down on that. What is it you really don't want to do? Because I bet you it's a microscopic, it's not the big word written on the wall.

[00:14:35] Jessica: Mm hmm. Yeah, and shifting into a different kind of mindset is going to support you on this.

[00:14:42] Jessica: And I think that leads us into what holds us back from going with the flow as well. Mm hmm. Because there's a lot of things that build that dam up. It's not just like one thing and you decide to open it. Oh no. All of a sudden

[00:14:55] Andrea: you're flowing. Oh my gosh. Yeah. Think about a dam and a natural, you know, one, maybe the nature build or the, the, the Beavers build.

[00:15:04] Andrea: I'm not thinking about the man made dams because they're, you know, concrete. But if you're building the dam, you have layered in so many trees and branches and rocks. And I mean, you have to take them apart one by one. It's like pickup sticks, you know, the game where you jump on the sticks and you. I'm

[00:15:22] Jessica: horrible at it.

[00:15:23] Andrea: Yeah. Yeah. So if you're holding, I think the number one thing. for people and I know we hear this a lot from our clients and in the spiritual evolution collective lots of places and from friends and what holds us back from going with the flow wanting to know where I'm going. Where is the destination of the flow?

[00:15:45] Andrea: How am I getting there? What is the current kind of what is the water temperature and what what floating device am I using and what is my Do I have a bathing suit? What color is it? Do I like it?

[00:15:59] Jessica: Did I have lunch? I need to pee. Where's

[00:16:03] Andrea: the bathroom? We're laughing, but we're not laughing at you, like, we

[00:16:06] Jessica: get it.

[00:16:07] Jessica: No, we've been there. We are there. We're doing it. Yeah, it's wanting to know the unknown. Yeah. Listen, y'all, anytime you take a leap of faith, anytime you go on a evolutionary journey, you aren't going to know where the heck you're going. You might have an idea, a feeling, an impression, but you're not going to know everything single step because that's the antithesis of flow.

[00:16:33] Jessica: I like that word. Because things will happen and you're going to have to adjust and shift to meet the things that will happen that are out of your control. And as you adjust and shift and meet those things and you pivot so that you continue to reach wherever you're going or to meet your highest and best, let's say, or that transformation point, you're going to have to flow around, through, over, I don't know, however you want to do it, those obstacles, those challenges, those

[00:17:05] Andrea: blocks.

[00:17:07] Andrea: And there's moments where you don't know what is the right choice, what is the wrong choice. I'm afraid of making a choice. I'm Indecision. Yeah. I'm indecisive. I'm overwhelmed. I can't do this. I don't want to do this. This is hard. Oh, so I'm just going to let it go completely and really go with the flow.

[00:17:30] Andrea: Now, that's where we want to bring in the conversation of. Action and decision making. Where it is part of flow and not part of control.

[00:17:44] Jessica: Ooh, I feel like this is story time. Can this be story time for a second?

[00:17:48] Andrea: Absolutely. You're going to say what I think you're going to say. Perfection.

[00:17:53] Jessica: In a very serious case of Life Imitates Art, I am currently flowing.

[00:17:58] Jessica: And Andrea brought up a really great point. There's a balance. How much do you flow versus how much do you have to structure? And I'm currently in the more flow. Less structure phase of my journey. So we knew that we were going to have to move eventually to the New England area in the United States for my husband's medical care.

[00:18:24] Jessica: And we've just sort of been delaying it and delaying it until, I dunno, we had a better idea of what that looks like. We wanted to know. More about what that looked like. Now, there's a difference between wanting to know the unknown and waiting until you have enough pieces of the puzzle to get a good picture.

[00:18:42] Jessica: So we just needed a few more pieces of the puzzle before we made that decision. And Andrea will laugh, she laughs at me every time, because I was very adamant about when we were going to move. Very out of it. And it wasn't gonna be until winter. And I needed the time, and I couldn't see it working out. And this and this had to happen.

[00:19:01] Jessica: As you see, I was trying to control. This and this and this have to happen. It's gonna happen here, and I'm gonna make it happen then. And Andrea's like, I don't really get that feeling. And I was like, shut your mouth.

[00:19:13] Andrea: I was being very gentle with her because honestly, this is also discernment. Had I pushed or been insistent or been like, no, no, I know.

[00:19:23] Andrea: And I'm, she would have cracked. I would have cracked. So it's just a supportive breadcrumb. A supportive suggestion,

[00:19:33] Jessica: an introduction to an idea or a possibility that I was clearly not looking at. Mm-hmm. that you can follow or not clearly not looking at. Correct. I had the choice, and I still have the choice right now to revert to the old plan or embrace a new one.

[00:19:47] Jessica: I will always have the choice. I can change it at any time. For the most part, I can change it at any time. So it is, it is my free will. Anyway. A series of events happened. In a very short period of time. And I want to be real clear. I talked to my spirit guides a lot. I'm very particular. I say, listen, y'all, you need to be really clear, undeniably clear that if Andrea's thing that we're moving earlier is supposed to happen or is in our highest and best, I'm not even going to say supposed to in our highest and best.

[00:20:22] Jessica: I need some signs. I need some clear signs that get me out of my head, into my heart. Making it basically undeniable. Now the cool part is, is Andrea told me, and some people will be like, Well, that was a sign. Why didn't you listen to Andrea? Because I didn't. But, my guides knew me better. They were using her to introduce the idea, and then they were gonna follow up.

[00:20:48] Jessica: And they did. In fact, once I decided that I was open to the idea of possibly moving earlier, and I just started sniffing around looking for a real estate agent, I got connected with someone who in the span of 20 minutes, I kid you not y'all, answered every single question that I had to my guides without being asked.

[00:21:12] Jessica: Without being asked. And the very final question was if we move, who's going to take care of our pets if we have to travel or go? Like that's a big thing to find a pet sitter. And y'all, I got a zoo. It is not for the faint of heart in this household. It is not a pet. It is five. Okay? And I'm very particular

[00:21:33] Andrea: about that.

[00:21:34] Andrea: She had the nerve to say to me yesterday, Maybe we should get another dog. Or our

[00:21:40] Jessica: dog. Cause he seems a little lonely. I said, can

[00:21:43] Andrea: we table that for just a little bit? And let the universe step in there.

[00:21:50] Jessica: I said yes. I'm not actively, I'm not like on the sites looking for one. I know. It was just adorable. So, without me asking, she says, Oh, do you have pets?

[00:22:00] Jessica: And I say, Yes, we have four cats and a dog. And she says, Great, I've got four pet sitters for you. Suggestions, X, Y, and Z. They live in the house. Didn't ask her, but that was my very last objection. Like, that was the thing I was holding onto that tightest. I won't have a pet sitter if we have to travel. I won't have a pet sitter if we have to travel.

[00:22:21] Jessica: And Spirit was just like, setting me up to knock it out of the ballpark. I mean, that was the home run. That was the home run. That was my last piece of my dam. And when they pulled that piece of the dam away, the water just flooded out and all of a sudden, I was moving.

[00:22:41] Jessica: Like now and

[00:22:44] Andrea: like magic and what you had to let go of Again, you have the choice, but what you did let go of was the control. Jessica is very,

[00:22:57] Jessica: you can say it's fine. No, no,

[00:22:59] Andrea: no. I'm trying to think of the word when it comes to these sorts of, of things, right? The planning and the execution of a move, which I understand.

[00:23:07] Andrea: So I'm saying is you like a plan. You like a structure. You do step one, step two, step three. So this is flying in the face of that logical. of

[00:23:17] Jessica: decades of moving. Y'all, I move every two to three years for decades. And I have a process that works seamlessly so I don't lose my ever loving mind. And now, it's out the window.

[00:23:30] Jessica: Yeah. So she's had to

[00:23:33] Andrea: take a leap of faith, be strong enough to let go of control in some areas, so that she could allow the flow to manifest. And now she gets to sit back, kind of, not really, she's gonna be very busy, but sit back and continue to be curious about all the different blessings, right, and synchronicities and breadcrumbs that drop in and saying, here you go, here you go, here you go, follow me, look over here, what do you think about

[00:24:03] Jessica: this?

[00:24:04] Jessica: Yes. Because I still don't know where we're moving, but the house is going up for sale like in two weeks. It'll all work out. I know it will. It always works

[00:24:14] Andrea: out. It will work out and it doesn't matter. And listen, me knowing psychically what's going to happen, which I, you know, sometimes I tell her sometimes I don't, that's not a sign.

[00:24:26] Andrea: It really isn't.

[00:24:29] Jessica: That's more support. Yeah. Or confirmation. Once I get to that point, you can confirm it. And it allows me to, like, relax into it a little bit more, but I never rely on psychic hits from someone else to determine how I move forward. Mm hmm. Because, well, you talked about signs. Correct. I usually use my own guides, signs, seeing the synchronicities, watching it unfold.

[00:24:53] Jessica: And then, if I want someone to check in, which I rarely do, but if I do, then it's just reaffirming what I already know. And that makes me feel really confident and good, because I sort of figured it out on my own and was just getting a... Extra little extra got this little.

[00:25:11] Andrea: Yeah, unfortunately, Jessica's guides go around her and they come to me when she.

[00:25:19] Andrea: Which my guides do the same thing

[00:25:20] Jessica: with her. I was stuck. I needed a boost. I got the boost. The boost was literally a phrase and it moved forward from there, but it doesn't always look like that. It doesn't.

[00:25:30] Andrea: And you were stuck, to use your word, in the strength of controlling the situation to the highest and best good for your family.

[00:25:42] Andrea: and yourself. So it's not, you know, that's a beautiful stock. However, this situation requires the strength of letting go, letting go of the control and letting in the flow. But now

[00:25:57] Jessica: we've just experienced simultaneously. So I'm in this process, such a weird world of letting go and flowing and really trying to relax into that in one area of my life.

[00:26:09] Jessica: And then in our joint shared area of our life, Andrea. Adventures with spirit, we're doing the opposite, the opposite,

[00:26:17] Andrea: the opposite. Yeah. So this goes back and this goes back to the first episode of the season where, you know, we filled you in on, on how everything went down and. So in contrast to the strength of going with the flow and letting go of control and structure, Adventures with Spirit, in order to continue the flow, because Adventures with Spirit as a podcast and as an entity, because It's not just a podcast.

[00:26:46] Andrea: The podcast is one piece of Adventures with Spirit. We have our Spiritual Evolution Collective, which is our private community. We have Spiritual Evolution Coaching. We have intensives with people. You know, we have workshops. We have a lot going on. And we've spent the last couple of years Really going with the flow and trying to keep up honestly, which is a wonderful problem to have.

[00:27:16] Andrea: It's not a complaint. Uh, it's a blessing. It's challenging, but it's a blessing. And. As we're setting up for season three, and this comes through in this arc, what needed to happen for AWS to continue to flow was that we need more structure. Jessica and I have to put in more control, structured control, not controlling control, in order to flow with what is happening around us and our existing life circumstances.

[00:27:50] Andrea: Like, Jessica has a life. I have a life. She has a spiritual practice business. I have a spiritual practice business and we have adventures with spirit and you know, we have other things going on as well. So how do you manage all of that without losing your mind? Honestly, we had to sit down together and say, Ooh, we really need more of a plan because if we're both going in and checking our email or we're both going in and checking The private Facebook page of our spiritual evolution collective, our group, then we're both putting in energy at the same time and it just, it was right.

[00:28:34] Andrea: It's unwieldy. So the structure for that became, we each have a day, doesn't mean we're not both available, but you know, she'll check it on this day. I check it on this day so that right. It leaves space for other things for each of us on those days so

[00:28:48] Jessica: that we can like flow with our existing life. Yes. The lack of structure was damning up the other areas of our flow.

[00:28:57] Jessica: Yep.

[00:28:57] Andrea: It was hurting us. It was hurting us. And we, I'm trying to think of the other thing. We have very structured days now of when we're working on Adventures with Spirit and when we're working on our own businesses individually. And we even divvied up how we do our planning. So it was a very, it came together.

[00:29:16] Andrea: So we had to get really structured in order to continue to flow.

[00:29:24] Jessica: I find that fascinating, isn't it? It's never an and or, it's a balance. Like it, it, it's flow and control or structure, however you want to look at it at the same time, but like just in varying degrees, but both are required to, to thrive.

[00:29:41] Andrea: It keeps bringing me back to that strength card because there is such a strength in able being able to balance both that strength.

[00:29:50] Andrea: You

[00:29:50] Jessica: know, the card traditionally has this woman standing. Looking out over something you don't really see with like a field surrounding her and this gorgeous lion standing next to her and she's just gently resting her hand on the line. She's not holding the line by a collar or a chain or a rope. The lion's sitting next to her and she's just resting her hand on the lion because she knows she doesn't need any more control.

[00:30:23] Jessica: Of those desires, those intentions, that lion energy, right? Then just a gentle rest. But you know that she'll adjust her hand as she needs to, to meet the moment that you're in. So some moments will require more structure, and some moments will require more flow. It's all the same journey. It's an awareness.

[00:30:43] Jessica: And I think that leads us into this idea of what can help you, what tools or tips or techniques, thoughts, can help you. With flow, and I mentioned this briefly before, but I think like a hope mindset or a positive mindset is key, and we're not talking like to the point where you're ignoring other things, but you have to be hopeful about where you're going, and I often use affirmations for this.

[00:31:13] Jessica: Affirmations for me are kind of a mixed bag. Sometimes I I really enjoy them. And sometimes I think that they're used it not in a way that's supportive. But I think affirmations come in here because when we're moving through something and we've got really clear intentions, like Andrea was talking about before, affirmations don't change the circumstances of what happening, but they can help.

[00:31:35] Jessica: To remind us what our intentions are. So my current affirmation is this or something better. Whenever I start to panic, or I want to control things too much, I have to remember, it's this or something better. Like, we're not going through all of this movement, all of this chaos, this upheaval, to land someplace crappy.

[00:31:54] Jessica: We're not going, it's not going to happen, that's not That's not how it works. That's not how our intentions are set up. And that's not how we're moving through the world. So affirmations help me stay in that hope mind step when I can't, when I can't see the way forward

[00:32:07] Andrea: and you're doing this, you know, you're taking inspired action, but you have the mindset.

[00:32:15] Andrea: You have the flow. We're sharing this so that you have actionable steps. Again, inspired action. So although you are flowing, there are points where you need to take action in order to continue that flow. You need to have control in order to continue the

[00:32:32] Jessica: flow. Yeah. If I'm moving. Which I am. So if I'm going to move, then I have to do X, Y, and Z.

[00:32:41] Jessica: No matter where I move, there are certain steps that are clear. I need to declutter, and give things away, and deep clean the house, and repaint the walls. Like, all those ba clean up the yard, all those things you need to do before you, before you give your home to, to someone else. So, those have to be completed, even though I don't know where I'm going yet.

[00:33:02] Jessica: So just because you don't know where you're going doesn't mean you can't take that inspired action. There's always some action that no matter where you're going has to get done first.

[00:33:12] Andrea: And then once you take the action steps, that starts setting up the structure. It starts setting up the systems that you need to put into place.

[00:33:23] Andrea: In the case of Adventures with Spirit, it was... Our podcast management company uses Asana. I'd never heard of Asana, so I'm in love with it now. Yeah, now we're using it. We're using it for ourselves. We're using it in our own businesses. We're still learning it. I'm using it

[00:33:36] Jessica: for homeschooling, . It's

[00:33:39] Andrea: magic. So it's a system, right?

[00:33:41] Andrea: It's a structure, but we took action by implementing that tool so that we can stay in the flow.

[00:33:52] Jessica: Mm-hmm. . Yes. 100%. Because if you don't take action, it will never kick off.

[00:33:58] Andrea: You can't just float down the river. You, the water,

[00:34:01] Jessica: the water needs motion. It does. Otherwise it's still. You know? Or it will trickle

[00:34:05] Andrea: off.

[00:34:06] Andrea: water that's completely still. And that, that's not going to get you

[00:34:09] Jessica: anywhere. Something to keep in mind, things happen really quickly. For me, typically, without my interference, there's a natural momentum that happens when I step into flow. So. And it can feel weird at first, as if you're not working hard enough.

[00:34:30] Jessica: And I see this with clients all the time. They'll come and they'll be like, I did this and this and this and now, you know, da da da. I'm like, this is what flow is. Look around you. Get familiar with it. You're actually where you want to be. You're in the flow. And it can feel... It's not passive, but it can feel a little weird at first.

[00:34:49] Jessica: So just kind of keep that in mind, almost like it's easy. And that's a really good

[00:34:53] Andrea: point because sometimes again, here we go with the. The positive and the negative of going in the flow. So if you're in the flow, sometimes you have to wait in that flow. You have to let the flow flow and it feels like you're stagnant.

[00:35:10] Andrea: But are you take a look at yourself? Are you putting in action steps, even if the action step is. I have to take this action and wait seven days because I have to wait for a reply on the job that I applied for, you know, whatever it is. So that's the next card in the arc, right? It's the strength, it's flow versus control, how that shows up in your life.

[00:35:41] Andrea: I am sure that you all have lots of go with the flow stories versus maybe when you. Went with the control and it stopped the flow or when the flow you felt got like it needed more control or structure. So why don't you tag us? We would love that. Go to your IG and your Facebook, maybe do a short reel or video or post a story.

[00:36:06] Andrea: Tag us, let us know what's going on, uh, we're at Adventures with Spirit Official.

[00:36:11] Jessica: Let us know your stories of Flo. It's been lovely to talk with you, and I think the beautiful part of this season is it's in real life. And not only is it in real life for you, but it's in real life for us. It is happening as we talk about it.

[00:36:25] Jessica: So we can't wait to share more stories, um, and hear yours as we move along. Have a wonderful week, and enjoy your adventure. Thanks for being a part of today's Adventures with Spirit. Subscribe to the podcast so you don't miss an episode. We'd love it if you left a review.

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