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Show Notes

It's Time to Evolve: Spiritual Evolution in Real Time!

We are so excited to begin Season 3!  It has been a few months and we have missed you. During our break, we heard from some of you which we absolutely love.  In this episode, we will be discussing what we have been doing with our time off, a quick season 2 recap, and how we wanted a specific theme for Season 3 but Spirit said "NOPE. Do something a little different". So, of course, we listened!

Let's start the Adventure! Join us as we discuss:

  1. Spiritual Evolution Collective
  2. Spiritual Compass
  3. True North
  4. Disney Land
  5. Your intuitive voice
  6. Spirituality
  7. Neural Pathways
  8. Tarot Cards
  9. Exploration
  10. Evolution

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Neuroplasticity and Spiritual Formation

Why Evolution Has No Goal

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This podcast is hosted by Andrea Neville and Jessica Paschke. As professional mediums and intuitives, their goal is to create a curiosity-led space that allows you to dive deeper into your own personal inner knowing and soul adventure, empowering you to create more joy and connection in your life. They'd love to have you join the conversation to explore the Spirit realm and how it can enrich all lives.

Learn more about them here.

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Episode Transcript

Ep. 42 Transcript: It's Time to Evolve Spiritual Evolution in Real Time!

[00:00:00] Jessica: Or if we prescribe to this idea of what happens in spirit world, stays in the spirit world, that natural rippling out isn't gonna happen to the extent that it could. We need to take that next step and start to really integrate our spirituality and everything that we're learning into our daily life and into the larger collective.

[00:00:22] Andrea: This leads us into season three's theme, and we're really excited about how this unfolded. So stick with us for this little story. We were thinking when we're coming up with the theme, which we do every season, we decided spirituality in real life and wait till we tell you how we came on that, but what is spirituality in real life?

[00:00:43] Andrea: When you have a new opportunity, how do you know whether to say yes or no? I'm Andrea Neville and I have been taught by spirit that when a new opportunity presents itself, I was guided there and

[00:00:55] Jessica: I'm Jessica Paschke and I firmly believe that everyone is intuitive, everyone. In this podcast, we share spiritual

[00:01:02] Andrea: adventures and we invite you to share yours as well.

[00:01:06] Andrea: You can submit your experiences or questions to adventures with We will

[00:01:12] Jessica: give you specific tools and practices so you can navigate your journey with more confidence. If you find the answers helpful, leave a review wherever you listen to podcasts. Are you ready to be adventurous?

[00:01:23] Andrea: Welcome to Adventures with Spirit.

[00:01:30] Andrea: Hey everybody. Welcome back. Hi.

[00:01:34] Jessica: We're so glad to be here.

[00:01:36] Andrea: We are. We are. Happy. Happy to be here doing this again with you. We just had that kind of shocking realization that it's been a few months,

[00:01:44] Jessica: full few months.

[00:01:46] Andrea: It's been a lot going on. There has been, yeah. So we've heard from some of you, which we love updates and things like that.

[00:01:53] Andrea: So what have we been up to? Jessica's kind of the record keeper. We've been busy with the spiritual evolution collective, the

[00:02:02] Jessica: spiritual evolution collective. We've been busy with that in a good way, though. It's busy in a good way. Yeah, so it's a community that we are guides of, I guess, for lack of a better term.

[00:02:11] Jessica: And we've been doing some really fun, amazing stuff with some really cool, amazing people. Lots of wisdom in that group. I love it. They're phenomenal and we get to go live. With them. So we've been doing development circles and evolution circles and gallery readings, back to gallery readings and back to basic workshops.

[00:02:31] Jessica: And I mean, all kinds of really delicious stuff are happening in there. And so that's been taking up a lot of time in a good way. Mm-hmm. And then we did spiritual compass. I had such a good time. We had over 90 people join from all around the

[00:02:44] Andrea: world. And if you just had a moment where you're like, what was Spiritual Compass?

[00:02:48] Andrea: It was for you? It was,

[00:02:50] Jessica: it was a free class.

[00:02:51] Andrea: Yeah. Yeah. Free class for a podcast listeners, you know, it's from Adventures with Spirit. We'll do that again. You can keep an eye out for it and we'll announce it again, but that was super fun. That's basically, um, a guidance system. For the map of your life.

[00:03:07] Jessica: 100%.

[00:03:07] Jessica: Yeah. It really ties into your higher self, your intuition, and then it takes your human experience and it weaves it together so that you always know what direction you're pointed, what is true north for you, what is your purpose? And it was really powerful for us and for the people involved. There was some huge epiphanies, huge connections and aha moments.

[00:03:29] Jessica: Mm-hmm. Like it was amazing.

[00:03:32] Andrea: As well for me as well. For sure. It wasn't all work and no play life updates Leo. So Leo is going to be, if I say that too loud cuz you know he is right here with me. He is turning two next month. Mm-hmm And I have been working, we have been working. Leo and I, super hard at teaching him all the things and I can safely say I am feeling.

[00:03:58] Andrea: Very accomplished at this point and seeing my commitment to him and bringing him, cuz you know, he was extremely anxious. I don't know if you remember this, but he's extremely anxious, which of course shot my anxiety up and I couldn't even have clients in my office anymore with him. So we now have clients in the office.

[00:04:19] Andrea: He's doing great. Did great today with everybody. So that's my life update. Leo and I are just jamming away.

[00:04:27] Jessica: I love it. You were in California though as well, weren't you? I saw my baby. Uh, you went to Disneyland?

[00:04:35] Andrea: I did go to Disneyland. So this is what is happening when anybody says, Hey, will you come do an event?

[00:04:42] Andrea: It's not on the West Coast. I happen to say Yes now. So I had the pleasure of going to Seattle. I went to LA, I'm going back. I'm gonna go to Sacramento. But yes, I had never been to Disneyland. I love Disney World, but we went to Disneyland and I just got to lay my eyes on her, which I haven't really, I hadn't been back out there since she moved last.

[00:05:04] Andrea: June.

[00:05:05] Jessica: I was gonna say wasn't it like June? Yeah. Wow. Almost a year.

[00:05:09] Andrea: Yeah, over a year. But yeah, so that was, that's my story.

[00:05:13] Jessica: We went to Boston and did fun things while we mixed in doctor's appointments. It's always fun to go visit New England. I love that area. And we spent time outside and enjoyed the beach and just read books and caught up on life, you know, took some naps.

[00:05:34] Jessica: No, I love a nap. You

[00:05:37] Andrea: know, sounds more, I didn't take any naps. I really, that's still a goal. I'm working toward that goal. All right, everybody, here we go. You ready? Let's do a quick last season recap. So, last season it was understanding self through divination and spiritual work that was really about.

[00:05:53] Andrea: Going within. It's all about your intuitive voice, your higher self understanding how you personally move through the world, maybe looking at the places that you needed healing or acknowledgement, and then tapping into that inner voice and higher self to help lead you. And we did learn that the important first step is to take care of yourself first.

[00:06:15] Andrea: This self-exploration longs to move into external space. But how do we do that?

[00:06:23] Jessica: Right, because that can be challenging, right? We change ourselves and then that change ripples out. We've all heard that, and there is total truth to it. When we focus on understanding how we move through the world and, and what our journey is, we change therefore changing the things around us.

[00:06:41] Jessica: And my favorite word when it comes to spirituality and. If we stay on our meditation cushion or if we prescribe to this idea of what happens in spirit world, stays in the spirit world, that natural rippling out isn't gonna happen to the extent that it could. We need to take that next step and start to really integrate our spirituality on everything that we're learning into our daily life and into the larger collective.

[00:07:13] Jessica: This leads

[00:07:14] Andrea: us into season three's theme, and we're really excited about how this unfolded. So stick with us for this little story. We were thinking when we're coming up with the theme, which we do every season, we decided spirituality in real life and wait till we tell you how we came on that, but what is spirituality in real life like?

[00:07:33] Andrea: Really like, like what is it? And of course that means we have to start with Jessica's go-to, which is the traditional meaning of spirituality. So Jessica, what's that definition?

[00:07:45] Jessica: Yes, because you're right, defining it I think is important. Of course, I did a dictionary dive. I'm all about the power of words and what they mean.

[00:07:53] Jessica: So I dove into the dictionary. And the dictionary tells us that it's the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to the material or physical things. Now, it was a good meaning. It wasn't the meaning that Andrea and I kind of associate with spirituality. I was actually a little bit surprised that that was the me the meaning.

[00:08:18] Jessica: So we sort of came together and had a chat. We kind of came up with our own meaning, because I think understanding, when we say spirituality, I think it's important that you understand where we're coming from. We've noticed that a lot haven't you? Like in our classes, and especially when we did spiritual compass, what we think a word means could be very different to someone else.

[00:08:37] Jessica: Oh, I agree. Yeah. We've seen that happen and so we've kind of gotten into the habit now of being really clear about what we're talking about. So. And what our intention is in that

[00:08:49] Andrea: space, that that intention is key. Because even with a clear understanding of how the, what the word means to us, everyone still has their own understanding, experience and perspective that they're lending to that meaning, right?

[00:09:04] Andrea: And

[00:09:04] Jessica: we just want everyone on the same page. So we created our own meaning to spirituality, and we decided to us, it's the exploration of the soul. This interconnectedness of all that is and how we weave that into the material and the physical world. I e real life.

[00:09:24] Andrea: So how did that drop in the real life? So it was a day.

[00:09:31] Andrea: Sorry. And Jessica calls me and she says, Hey, I've got the theme for season three. And I said, Hey, I've got the theme for season three. And she says, as she does, I just gotta download. And I said, I got a hit. I'm from the eighties, maybe was why I say it that way. I just thought of that. But anyway, and we both said spirituality in real life, like we didn't even have different names for it.

[00:09:56] Andrea: It was that name. And we were like, oh my gosh, this is gonna be fabulous. We're super excited and that's what we're planning on doing and we don't think about anything else. And it kind

[00:10:07] Jessica: of ties into this idea of. The question that we've been hearing a lot, Andrea, the number one question we've been hearing the last few months over and over again, the question of how

[00:10:17] Andrea: mm-hmm.

[00:10:18] Andrea: How, how does it drop in? How do you know? Yeah. It's a bigger

[00:10:23] Jessica: thing. We get this question all the time, especially with our curious souls in the spiritual evolution collective. Mm-hmm. They're constantly asking

[00:10:32] Andrea: how. I love that question and oh, it's a great question.

[00:10:36] Jessica: It's also a loaded question. Mm-hmm. We've realized it's not an easy answer.

[00:10:39] Jessica: Mm-hmm. It's not an easy answer, and we have very different ideas of, of what, how means. So I think the idea that they understand what we're talking about, they understand the theory of it, the esoteric part, the idea of the spiritual concepts that we're talking about in class, and they're asking the question how, but not just in regards to.

[00:11:03] Jessica: How do you do it or how do you apply it, but like how does it actually work in everyday life? What does that look like when you're quote unquote doing

[00:11:17] Andrea: it? And that is something actually mindfully, Jessica and I both bring into our lives on the daily and it takes. That takes practice. And what the question really is that everyone is asking is how quote unquote, does it look for me?

[00:11:38] Andrea: How will this work for me? How will this help me in my life? And then that's where the disconnect happens, because the same answer doesn't apply for each person. It's individual. So we're gonna be learning about all of these ideas and theories and practices, but then. There's

[00:11:58] Jessica: this space, it's like this vacuum, this gap between here's what this is and how do I integrate it into my life?

[00:12:08] Jessica: And, and like I said, we've been seeing it pop up so much in the last few months that it's, that's really where this idea of spirituality and real life was born from that place of how, except. As always,

[00:12:24] Andrea: spirit wasn't done with us. We thought we really, and listen, we're laughing at ourselves and we're also saying, we see you and we hear you because we really do know what it's like from personal experience.

[00:12:35] Andrea: And we thought we were good to go and um, we weren't. So we thought it was going to look like one thing. Gimme an example, Jessica.

[00:12:47] Jessica: Okay, this actually comes to mind. The idea of like when we actually were, were talking spirituality in real life, this actually dropped in. I was like, Ooh, ooh. We can talk about change your thoughts and change your life.

[00:12:59] Jessica: Like how does that work? Cuz in theory, it's a really interesting practice and can be really helpful. You change how you think and then your life changes so you can see how it can work. Our perceptions of what is happening around whatever we're doing are affected by our thoughts. And if we think nothing good is ever gonna happen to us, It probably won't, not because it isn't already happening around us, but we don't expect to see it and there therefore we don't see the opportunity or the open door.

[00:13:29] Jessica: So it's great in theory, but then what? And this is kind of where we got this download of, oh, because that's kind of where the books leave it. They tell you how to do it. Well, they don't even tell you how to do it. They tell you the concept and now you have to take this theory and you have to figure out how.

[00:13:46] Jessica: So Andrea, first, what do you have to do first?

[00:13:49] Andrea: Become aware of all of your thoughts. Simple. I know I said this today in a reading, um, actually for someone, and it is harder than you think to I integrate. Not only that awareness. And then that practice into your life, but also then the practice of doing something with that awareness and knowledge.

[00:14:14] Andrea: Right? We keep coming down to layers with all of these things. So you, you may begin to learn mindfulness and meditation, but we still need application. So let's assume that you're aware and you have to actively start to shift your thinking. So my

[00:14:30] Jessica: favorite thing, neuro pathways. These pesky neuro pathways, they wanna keep you doing the same thing again and again.

[00:14:37] Jessica: It's like a trail cut through the woods. And because that trail has been walked so many times, that's just the trail that you take without thinking, you don't even realize that there are other trails that you could possibly take. So you realize, okay, I'm gonna change my thoughts, I'm gonna change my mind, I've gotta be aware.

[00:14:54] Jessica: So I've gotta do mindfulness and meditation to be aware of the thoughts. Now I have to go off and I have to learn about neuro pathways. So then you go off often, you learn about neuro pathways and you reprogram your neuro pathways. Yay. But now you realize that although you have changed the people in the world around you have not.

[00:15:12] Andrea: Okay, so I'm tired already, so, but it's a real thing. We're not, I mean, this is a real thing. So then you're taking your new thoughts, your mindfulness, your meditation, your awareness of your neuro pathways, and I absolutely do believe in all this. You're putting, you're putting them in your. Day Bagg, and off you go.

[00:15:33] Andrea: And now you wanna understand in your daily life as you move through it, what is in your control and what is not in your control, which then leads you to a completely different yet connected spiritual theory. So here we go. Now you're starting to learn about that and you're reading up on surrender. Ooh, can we talk about that?

[00:15:52] Andrea: But action. So. And I Jessica, take it like, I mean, action is everything. That's, we keep saying that's everything. There's a lot of everything, right?

[00:16:03] Jessica: Because if you're like us, you're not one to sit around and let the world tell you what to do. And you also know that there are things in the world that need to change, not just be surrendered to, but like you're still trying to keep those thoughts straight and that's when it hits you.

[00:16:17] Jessica: You realize that this amazing tool you started off with works sometimes. It doesn't work all the time and it doesn't work for everything. So you begin the journey again, learning something new for those times when change your thoughts, change your life doesn't apply or work. And this is how evolution is all the time.

[00:16:40] Jessica: It's all the things, and then none of the things and then all of the

[00:16:46] Andrea: things. Okay, so if your head is spinning right now and you don't know the weather to pause or keep listening, Take a deep breath. We're heading somewhere. This is gonna help you out all season because seriously, spirit can have a very interesting sense of humor.

[00:17:05] Andrea: Our guides are extra. They decided to help us live. The whole thing that Jessica was just talking about, I was talking about that made me tired in it was about four hours.

[00:17:17] Jessica: It's exhausting.

[00:17:19] Andrea: We. It was exhausting. And at, at one point I think I said, we should be filming this because at, at one point we had to get up and we had to start walking.

[00:17:31] Andrea: Like we were, we couldn't even see it. We're just walking and talking and, and moving, and we had to get outside. It was intense.

[00:17:38] Jessica: It was intense because we were trying to plan the whole season of the podcast. Mm-hmm. Remember way back when we started this episode, the theme was, and it dropped in for both of us.

[00:17:49] Jessica: Mm-hmm. Spirituality and real life, which we still love,

[00:17:53] Andrea: but still love. We sat down and nothing. I mean, we had nothing. We were slogging through the mud and we didn't see how the thread would move through. 21. 20 some episodes. Yeah. Without getting boring, which that's not our jam.

[00:18:16] Jessica: Well, it was kind of like what was going on was kind of like the example above one thing would come, but then we couldn't connect it to the next thing and it went on and on like this for hours.

[00:18:26] Jessica: And we were like pulling all of our toolbox tools out. Like Andrea said, like we were moving around physically to help move the energy. We knew we had to change things. So then we called in spirit cuz we were, you know, please come in and help like all the angels.

[00:18:43] Andrea: Oh, bubble outlines. We did, we even did, I don't, I don't do bubble outlines.

[00:18:48] Andrea: We were drawing pictures and making sur and interestingly enough, again, without sharing, we both drew a similar outline with the same ideas and the same directions. And so we knew that this was, you know, divinely inspired. And yet.

[00:19:08] Jessica: And yet we still weren't there. We still weren't there. So we surrendered, we did, we surrendered, and we let go of spirituality in real life because it wasn't working.

[00:19:22] Jessica: Even though we had announced it everywhere. We had announced it everywhere. And we

[00:19:26] Andrea: were sad. We were sad a little because we loved the idea of it. At the same time, we knew. It didn't have the legs that we needed it to. Mm-hmm. And yet, and yet, so we decided to start over. We still have a theme, we're gonna start over.

[00:19:45] Andrea: And in True Jessica fashion, which I love, she grabbed her cards that were on her desk to get clarity about the energy and the planning for the season. And she starts pulling cards and I'm watching her pull cards and she's really into it and she's pulling more than she normally does. Like she kept pulling them and pulling them and pulling them.

[00:20:08] Andrea: And in my mind I'm thinking, oh dear heavens, what is happening here? Like, are we in trouble? Are we not in trouble? Like, what's happening?

[00:20:16] Jessica: Don't pull a million cards. Y'all don't. There was something was happening and I was, I was being directed to, that is not my normal.

[00:20:24] Andrea: Yeah, she knew what she was doing.

[00:20:25] Andrea: There was a purpose. There was a purpose. Purpose was purpose. So she pulls them and she started interpreting the cards for me. So as she's interpreting what she's pulling, magic happens.

[00:20:43] Jessica: Thank goodness you were there to type it. Because I didn't remember any of it when we were talking because it was, I, a lot of times I used the cards to connect and sort of channel like keys to, to pull in information.

[00:20:53] Jessica: So I shuffled in the cards, pull 'em together. And the first three I flip and I'm just asking like, what do we need to know right now about this? Like we truly had surrendered. I pulled Fool Strength and hangman. Those were the cards that came up. New beginning, soft control and inner strength, suspension and change of perspective.

[00:21:15] Jessica: We've been living out the season of our podcast in the last four hours and didn't even know it. Didn't even know it. But as we turned those cards and I pulled more cards, we realized that an arc was appearing. It was spirituality in real life, but it was also asking to be more

[00:21:38] Andrea: than just that exciting. It was kind of exciting once we saw the arc and we saw that it was still tied to spirituality in real life.

[00:21:45] Andrea: Mm-hmm. Because we really do love that. And so from that we trusted it would become clear. So, Sometimes hard to do. It was hard that day and it did. And each card, this was so cool, as she's saying it to me and showing me I'm seeing this happen, each card is an episode and all the cards together is the journey of season three.

[00:22:09] Andrea: Mm-hmm.

[00:22:10] Jessica: It's just so cool. And we were so close. We were so close. So we thought it was gonna be spirituality in real life and in fact, It's spiritual evolution in real life, in real time, but that's what we were living. Yeah. Right. In that moment, we surrendered, stepped back, and allowed this to evolve into something that was bigger than we had initially imagined.

[00:22:39] Jessica: Mm-hmm. Isn't that always how it is? We think. We have this vision or this expectation of things sometimes of how they're gonna look when they unfold or how, how the journey's gonna look. And then we get in it, and like Andrea says, we're like stuck in the mud and it's gross. And then we surrender to the mud, we take a step back, and the journey goes above and beyond what we ever thought it could be,

[00:23:05] Andrea: you know?

[00:23:06] Andrea: And in that moment, Jessica and I also, our partnership evolved. It expanded. Things came to light. It was really beautiful. It was watching spiritual evolution for ourselves and for us to together happen It. It was like being the insider, but still being the outsider looking in so that we could observe it.

[00:23:32] Andrea: It was quite fascinating.

[00:23:34] Jessica: Mm-hmm. Yeah. And interestingly enough though, even though we called Spirit, in spirit didn't connect the dots, mm. For us, we, we earned this one. We worked for it, we did. And that also brought up another kind of thing that we often see is people often believe that like, okay, I'm gonna connect to my guides and then everything is gonna be okay.

[00:23:56] Jessica: It's gonna be all clear. It's gonna be magic. Well, they gave us things that were very helpful, but we still had to be. Showing up, putting it all together. It wasn't like, here's the map. Go. Go create.

[00:24:09] Andrea: No, we worked really hard that day, and that's okay. Good for us. Like I'm proud of us that we did that. You know, those are the, the moments in life where it's like, I worked really hard.

[00:24:19] Andrea: I earned that. So we used all of our tools for getting ourselves unstuck and to create this, this season three, this evolution. Think of yourself, right? Something, or someone from a, from a simple form to a more complex form you can think of. Growing, literally, physically, much less emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

[00:24:41] Andrea: So it's that processing of a change that goes in a certain direction and unfolding. It was all right there

[00:24:48] Jessica: in front of us. The whole stinking time, spiritual compass, spiritual evolution, collective. It, it was already everything we were doing. Yeah. But now we're looking at it in a new way through the, through the lens of real life.

[00:25:04] Jessica: And

[00:25:05] Andrea: we wanna share that with you. We're very excited to do it. And I think after the process the other day, Jessica, I would say that we're, we're somewhat honored to be able to walk this path with you and really know that we are doing it with you. We walk our talk every single day. It's hard. Mm-hmm.

[00:25:28] Jessica: It's not easy.

[00:25:29] Andrea: So. We're going on an adventure of exploration and evolution this season. Everyone, we really hope you come along with us.

[00:25:37] Jessica: Yeah, these are gonna be great conversations. They're, they're not gonna be full solutions. They're not gonna be the one and only answer. Okay? We'll just be talking with our guests, exploring ideas and concepts and it's, it's gonna be a conversation that continues after the podcast episode is done in our newsletters, our Instagram, our Facebook pages, and the spiritual evolution collective.

[00:25:58] Jessica: And like Andrea said, we'd really like you to join us for this adventure into spiritual evolution. We're excited about season three and we. We can't wait to start.

[00:26:10] Andrea: All right. We'll be back soon. Have a fabulous day.

[00:26:15] Jessica: Thanks for being a part of today's Adventures with Spirit. Subscribe to the podcast so you don't miss an episode.

[00:26:21] Jessica: We'd love it if you left a

[00:26:22] Andrea: review. Visit our To subscribe to our newsletter, submit a question, check out classes, and schedule your own personal reading with

[00:26:34] Jessica: us. Follow us on Instagram at Adventures with Spirit official for more inspiring

[00:26:38] Andrea: content. Until next time, let Spirit guide your adventure.

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