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Show Notes

Connecting to Your Higher Self Using Clairs

Did you know you can use your clairs for more than receiving psychic information? On today’s episode of Adventures with Spirit, Andrea and Jessica cover how you can use them to connect to your higher self. Join the discussion as they talk about what clairs are, why they're important to your spiritual journey, and how you can work with your specific clairs to reach a higher level of self-awareness.

This episode, we discuss:

[01:54] What clairs are and how they work
[04:03] Four different types of clairs
[12:58] How clairs support self-understanding
[19:07] One of Jessica’s first experiences with her clairs
[24:12] Andrea’s personal experience with clairs
[26:37] Ways your clairs can help you adjust your course
[31:07] A live walkthrough to bring awareness to your feelings and clairs

[01:54] What clairs are and how they work

Clairs are the method in which you receive. You could be receiving a message from your inner voice, spirit, or your gut instinct, and clairs are the channel or the receptor for those messages. They are a large part of how you perceive and receive the world around you

[04:03] Four different types of clairs

There are many types of clairs, but Andrea and Jessica share four of the most commonly known ways to receive, noting that most people will experience one or two clairs that show up more strongly than others.

Jessica feels one of her strongest clairs is clairvoyance. Translating clair as clear, clairvoyance means to have the skill of clear seeing. It is the visual aspect of how we can perceive information from spirit, our Higher Self, or mediumship

Clairaudience involves clear hearing. You may experience this either internally, hearing inside your head, or externally, hearing the message outside of yourself.

Clairsentience is the skill of clear feeling. Clairsentience can feel like many different things. It may present as a physical feeling, like a cold or hot breeze touching you. It may show up as an emotional feeling, such as experiencing grief or joy. It can even feel like an energy or pressure.

Claircognizance can be the most challenging for people, and it’s one of Andrea’s absolute favorite clairs. Claircognizance means clear knowing. It is tricky when you're working with this way of receiving, because the trust with yourself has to be strong. Cognizant information just comes in without a feeling or something to see or hear, it's a knowing you experience in your head or in your entire being.

[12:58] How clairs support self-understanding

Practice and awareness are vital when it comes to the use of clairs to understand self. When you're aware of what your claires are or what information they're processing, they can tell you so much. For instance, if you're clairsentience, or clear feeling, and you tune into the feeling you’re experiencing of being tired or hopeful, then you can follow that feeling and discover what you need to do with that feeling. The feeling then turns into an intuitive message.

[19:07] One of Jessica’s first experiences with her clairs

Jessica shares that many years ago, when she was working as a nanny, she was playing on the floor with an infant and suddenly pulled into a vision that she could not explain. In this vision, she was sitting in a rocking chair that was placed in front of the glow of a Christmas tree. She could see wood paneling up the side or the room, which was not a familiar space for her at all. She also realized she had a baby in her arms. Then, as fast as she was pulled into the vision, she found herself right back on the floor with the child she was sitting.

Even though Jessica wasn’t working in the spiritual space at the time, she knew something significant had just happened, and knew it was connected to her intuition. At that moment, she knew she was going to have a baby at some point in her life.

A little over a year later, she and her husband were expecting. His job required him to work in Cape Cod, but they couldn’t find anywhere to live. A friend in the area offered their parents’ home  while they continued their search. As soon as they walked in, Jessica recognized the wood paneled walls. Within 48 hours, she was sitting in front of the Christmas tree, rocking her baby.

[24:12] Andrea’s personal experience with clairs

Years ago, Andrea experienced a moment of clairaudience that ended with an unexpected gift. Andrea was looking for a dog for her daughter, who was three at the time. She wanted a little dog that she could take on a walk. Andrea began to obsessively research what they would need to fit their lifestyle at the time because there were allergies involved.

While researching breeders, she came across an advertisement in the paper and began to receive a message coming from outside of herself. She had been looking at the advertisement wondering if it was the right way to go, when she heard her guide, an animal protector, give an excited yes. She knew at that moment she needed to stop her search and act quickly. She listened to her message and her family received a beautiful dog that was the perfect fit for their family.

[26:37] Ways your clairs can help you adjust your course

Clairs can help us see what we want, what we truly desire,  and what we need. Sometimes it  can be what we need to hear, like our Higher Self coming into comment.

When you tune in and figure out what you're feeling or experiencing in those moments, without judgment, you can examine those experiences and begin to seek out what they are really about. It can lead you to go deep within yourself, using your clairs to sort of take your temperature, and then you can use that information to adjust the course as needed to best support your journey.

[31:07] A live walkthrough to bring awareness to your feelings and clairs

There's no better example than a live example! Jessica leads all listeners through a practice to tune into your feelings, and then tap into any message that may be trying to come through.

Jessica also guides Andrea through a live clair exploration, where they discuss her feelings of tiredness but also positivity and achievement. Andrea begins to tie her feelings together and begins to reflect on how she can move forward into action.

Andrea shares that the trick to this practice is staying committed to the work. During the live walkthrough, she checked in with herself and came into awareness, noting that she would now have to pay attention and do the work. Jessica suggested something helpful she does in her practice is to write down what comes up and then put it somewhere it will be seen and remembered.

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