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Show Notes

Co-Creating Your Garden with Spirit

What if you viewed the adventure of your life like a garden? As something to be tended to, nurtured, and co-created? In today's episode, we're exploring what tending to your life looks like and how understanding yourself through spiritual work is a key aspect of co-creating your desires.

This episode, we discuss:

[02:05] A peek into why Andrea and Jessica decided to pivot their direction for the rest of season two 

The other day after feeling uninspired by what we had planned for the rest of season two, we decided to completely pivot the rest of this season’s content in a different direction. A lot of the time we create plans at the beginning of the year and feel like we need to stick to them but it is okay to change and pivot. Our goals and intentions change because we change. 

If we would have continued putting out what we had planned for the rest of season two, it would have felt really inauthentic so pivoting was the best option. 

[04:02] How to embrace changing and updating your plans 

Recently, Jessica’s guides gave her this really amazing analogy of how setting intentions is similar to tending to a garden. A garden that is well tended by you will create happiness, stability, and allow you to be more willing to let go when you need to. 

The timing of this episode is perfect as we just went through the winter solstice on December 21st. The winter solstice  is a time when nature releases a spark of vitality for new growth and creation. People often think of the winter as a time where we’re retreating, however, in nature that happens in autumn and then in the winter solstice is when more vitality is released to begin the growth that is going to burst forth in the spring. Think of January 2023 as your time to put more vitality and energy into growing your garden. 

A lot of people sit down and start planning out their garden in winter but not everyone is a planner and that is totally okay. 

[9:56] Taking a look at your soul garden and creating intentions

When it comes to your garden you first need to plant the seeds and water it. Then, you need to nurture your garden and perform upkeep on it to make sure it continues to thrive. 

No matter if you’re planting a physical garden or a garden of your inner landscape, you are always going to have some sort of intentions - whether they are clear or not. Even if you’re unsure about your intentions, it is important to get clear on what you want to happen in that specific area of your life. The different sections of your garden can be things like career, relationship, home, self joy, and hobbies. 

Keep in mind that you don’t have to plant all of the gardens every year. You can have a rotating garden where some areas will be in the sun while others are in the shade and then the next year that can switch. You do not need to sit down and plan out each one, you just need to figure out what part of your garden is in the sun right now. That will be a combination of what you want and what the energy lends itself to.

For example, farmers don't usually plant the same crops in the field every year because the soil would be depleted. In order to have this rich soil that grows these beautiful things so that things can thrive, you need to rotate things out. Some years you may be focusing on business or career growth while others you may want to focus more on relationships or your health. 

[13:18] Defining the areas you need to focus on 

To figure out your focus area, you need to tap into your inner voice and figure out which area is ready to rest and if this area is ready to rest because it needs to rest or what is resting because it needs tending. Sometimes you even have parts in your garden that you will need to rip out completely and redo. 

A few questions to ask yourself throughout this is:

Is there a pattern in that garden that is impacting everything? What is the pattern and how do they interact and lift each other up and cause this struggle?

[15:28] Determining your hopes and desires 

Once you have planted those seeds, it is time to fertilize them. The fertilizer is your hopes and desires that set your intentions. There are always going to be things that we need to learn but what do you want to learn? Take a step back and remember the bigger picture of what you want from your garden. 

[17:22] Figuring out what your action steps are

You also need to water what you plant which means figuring out what actions you are going to take because you can water something too much or not enough. When you are overwatering something, then you may want to move it into a state of non action whereas if you are underwatering something, you will need to move it into a state of action. It is important to find the balance between the two because taking action and knowing when to not take action is a learned skill. 

Next up, is the weeds and pests phase. This is other people's actions or non actions, basically things that are outside of your control. When it comes to weeds, sometimes we can remove these obstacles and sometimes we cannot but we need to find a way to neutralize them. While you can’t control other people’s actions, you can control how you react to them. 

[23:32] Nurturing and letting your intentions grow 

This is the phase where your co-creation with spirit really comes into play. You need to trust that if you plant the seed, you water it, and nurture it, it will grow into something and sometimes you need to let it grow outside what the seed packet said.

[24:37] How to step into co-creation with your spirit team

Your spirit guides know the plan and while we may be focused on one thing but it's not a part of the plan and they're trying to keep us away from it in our highest good. If the doors keep closing, just know that they are closing for a reason. Sometimes we have to let things go because no matter what you do, sometimes your plant isn't going to grow. 

[28:08] Upkeep of your garden 

When it comes to upkeep, think of it in terms of garden beds. For example, building a fence around them or building a garden box. You don’t need to look at the box too often but you do need to check in occasionally to make sure that it is continuing to be well maintained. 

[32:14] Jessica walks us through a guided meditation 

Back in the day, Colette Baron-Reid did a visualization about a garden that influenced a guided meditation that Jessica has been doing for years. 

First, take a deep breath. This exercise is more of a check in tool than a meditation, although we will go into a meditative state. List out the areas of your life that are important to you. This can be anything like home, family, relationships, careers, joys, interests, and more. 

Once you have created this list, if you feel comfortable, close your eyes, take a deep breath and start to tune into yourself. Tune into this idea that you are a spark of the divine that is within you at all times and it's not a limited supply. That means you can channel that source energy into things that you do and it will continue to refill itself like the never ending watering can.

Now, it’s time to get grounded. As you anchor in, whether you're laying down or seated or standing, I want you to feel the earth rise up to meet you. And as the Earth rises up to meet you, she brings her support, her nurture, and her grounding energy and infuses you completely from head to toe, with this beautiful wave of energy. As this energy flows through your entire body, you feel itself, ground you and center you bring you right back into this present moment. Allow yourself to ride that creative energy, that life energy all the way to the gates of a garden. 

Now, you find yourself at the gates of a garden. There are birds tweeting around you, insects buzzing, and you can smell the green and the growth and the dirt. You feel yourself or know yourself moving in the garden into the garden through the gates.

In front of you are the different areas in your life, each represented by a different spot in the garden, all those areas that you wanted to look into. And as you move forward, you're going to tune into each area. 

The first thing you’ll want to look into is which areas are the most lush and are growing and thriving? Ask yourself what part does this represent in my life? Is there anything that needs any slight shifts, or adjustments in this area to keep it thriving and growing?

Next, look around and find an area that was thriving at one point but needs to be tended to. What part of your life does this specific part of the garden represent?

Now, you’re going to look for part of your garden that is just struggling. For some of you this could be an empty plot with nothing in it and for others there may have been something that was planted there but it has not been watered. Ask yourself the question of what part of my life does this represent? Ask yourself the hard question of do I need to tend to this, water this and bring it back to life or do I need to pull it out and start fresh? 

Next, I want you to look around for a completely empty spot. This is just an area where you're going to start some seedlings today. I want you to walk up to this part of the garden and ask yourself, what seeds are calling to be planted and what intentions need to be placed in the earth right now? 

A few more questions to ask yourself: 

  • How do you want to feel? What emotions do you want present?
  • What do you want to grow? What exists already that you want to grow more of? 

As the year unfolds, you can always go back and check in with your garden. 

[43:58] How you can join Andrea and Jessica for their upcoming Word of the Year Workshop

We are hosting a Word of the Year Workshop on January 7th at 12 pm EST. This workshop is not only to help you plan your word of the year to plant this intention in your garden but also to figure out how you work with it and what you can do with it. You can sign up here!

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