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Show Notes

Live Listener Readings: A Practice in Connecting with Your Guides and Inner Voice

Welcome to Adventures with Spirit, where we love inviting our audience to join us for live readings! On today’s episode, Janey and Marcia allowed us to join them on their journeys, and once again Spirit brought it all together in ways we could not have planned better ourselves. Join us today as we discuss ways to play with your guides, how you can learn to decipher between your guides, Inner Voice, and Angels, and how we all experience these in our own unique way.

To our two lovely audience members that allowed us to take this journey with them - Welcome to the adventure!

This episode, we discuss:

[1:59] Why we do these live readings 

We love our live listener readings, so we're trying to incorporate them more into everything that we do. Live readings with our audience members are always such a magical experience, and we love sharing it with you!

One of the other many reasons we continue to have live listener readings on the podcast is because it allows us to move from theoretical conversations to actually putting practices into action, and we also love the opportunity it brings to meet our lovely listeners.

[5:25] The exercises Janey has been implementing from listening to the show

Janey shared that she has been trying the different exercises we suggest on the podcast, and that she has practiced the bee exercise a few times and had very different experiences. The first time she tried the bee exercise, placing all of her thoughts onto the bees, she wasn’t really sure what she was listening for. The second time she practiced, she was listening for her inner voice to come through, and instead received a clear message from her Angels, “You are loved and we are so proud of you.” She felt an overwhelming feeling of love, a tingling on the back of her head, and experienced tears.

The next time she practiced, she felt peace and heard, “Peace is here, whenever you need it.”

[8:19] Janey’s journey to find her inner voice

Without a mentor, Janey hasn’t had anyone to talk to about her experiences to try to discern what she was hearing and who she was receiving messages from. She wasn’t able to identify if messages were truly coming from her inner voice, her higher self, Angels, or Spirit Guides. Without knowing for certain what each of those pieces feel or sound like, they all felt the same to her.

[9:11] How to tap into your inner voice and spirit guides

You may hear us say this often, but it is incredibly true: The best way to tap into your inner voice, higher self, Angels, or Spirit Guides is to practice. Practice with intention, and know that it’s okay if you are sitting down to practice with your inner voice and your Angels show up instead. The point is that you’ll be able to start discerning which one is communicating with you.

[12:12] Jessica sets the stage for the live reading

Before beginning to play with your Angels, Spirit Guides, Inner Voice, and Higher Self, it’s important to check in with your physical and emotional feelings to identify your neutral space.

Place your feet on the ground, and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths with your eyes closed, if that's comfortable for you. Start to tune into your body, tuning in to where you're holding on to anything. We’re just observing, not getting rid of anything. This practice is just to see where you are at the start of the practice.

Tune into yourself emotionally, exploring what you’re feeling. Are you feeling upbeat, happy, excited? Notice what is showing up emotionally for you, then shift to the physical state. Is there tension being held anywhere or do you feel pretty loose? Are you feeling light or heavy? This practice is how we gauge neutral, tuning into your state before inviting anybody into your space.

[14:01] Janey’s physical experiences with her angels and spirit guides

When we asked Janey’s Angels to step in, she described feeling a warmth, and a shrinking of her own physical space, feeling the presence of a giant energy.

When Janey’s Spirit Guides stepped in, she felt less of an energy shift. She described feeling an excited energy running through her.

[15:29] Jessica walks us through tuning into our higher self

Tuning into your Higher Self is a totally different experience from tuning into your Angels or Spirit Guides. Your Higher Self is already with you, so instead of inviting them in, you would ask them to make their presence known to you. During this experience, Janey heard the message, “Welcome home,” and felt energy in her throat and chest.

[16:01] The spirit chooses what to focus on

In this part of the reading, we asked Spirit to choose which energy to invite in. When this group came into the space, Janey felt warmth, and immediately identified her Angels.

[17:06] The message the angels shared with Janey 

As a clairaudient, Janey was able to hear a message from her Angels. They loved that they were invited to play with us in this space, and Janey heard a clear, “We love this.”

[17:25] Jessica calls for another group to step forward

The next energy Janey felt was more of a racing energy that rushed through her hands and wasn’t as large of a presence as her Angels. She was able to identify that this feeling was the presence of her Spirit Guides.

[17:57] Janey’s message from her spirit guides 

Janey wasn’t hearing a message from her Spirit Guides, so we asked her to close her eyes and ask her guides to send her a visual or feeling. Janey then received the image of a butterfly.

[18:23] Why Janey’s spirit guides are communicating differently than her angels

Just as Janey’s Spirit Guides sent her a visual while her Angels sent her an audible message, energetic groups will sometimes communicate in different ways, which will make it obvious which group is present. It’s easy to assume that because one group communicates audibly, that the rest will do the same, but it’s important that we remain open to receiving messages in different ways.

[19:18] What seeing a butterfly means to Janey

When Janey received a visual of a butterfly from her Spirit Guides, she knew right away that it meant “new beginnings,” noting that it was a message that she’s been hearing for a while.

[20:08] Janey’s message from her higher self

When asking what her higher self wanted to share with her, Janey received a message that was similar to a Reiki session, including a visual of hands and a feeling of energy. Though she didn’t feel entirely sure what this message meant, she did say that she would like to experience Reiki healing and that she is very passionate about healing and energy work.

[21:11] Andrea’s thoughts on Janey’s message from her higher self and spirit guides

When Janey’s Higher Self made its presence known, Andrea received a visual of tape being removed from Janey’s mouth. The second time it stepped in, it filled Janey up, allowing her to be sturdy enough to step forward into new beginnings, which was signaled by a visual of a butterfly. Andrea shared that this reflected that Janey is in sync with all three aspects.

[23:54] What Janey’s next steps should be

After practicing together in this episode and identifying how each presence feels to Janey, the next step in her journey will be centered around trust. Janey was encouraged to learn to trust herself in all situations in life, and to leave second guessing behind. As Janey continues to build trust within herself, we also encouraged her to follow her passion of healing as she continues on her journey.

[30:59] Andrea and Jessica recap Janey’s live reading session

It was truly magical, the way that Spirit brough everything forward during Janey’s session. Not only was our message about connecting with your Inner Voice continued, but  Spirit really  supported Janey and her understanding of how she receives.

It is important to remember that it may not be the same experience for every energetic being, so taking the time to tune into other possibilities will open up a whole new world of communication with Spirit.

[32:58] A little bit about our next participant, Marcia

Another lovely guest of ours on this episode is Marcia. Marcia spends a lot of time in her head, and needed to work through how to process that in order to get to her inner voice. For Marcia, since the energy around her head was so busy that it was blocking out everything else out, we focused on dropping from her head into more of her heart space and balancing that energy.

[33:50] Helping Marcia tap into her inner voice

After discussing Marcia’s tendency to spend a lot of time thinking of alternative ways to approach things and being in her head, the next step was to guide her through allowing her mind to settle in order for her inner voice, or heart voice, to come out.

Once Marcia was comfortable, we asked her to close her eyes and take a deep breath in, taking note of the energy around her head. She felt a painful feeling, like her head was inflated with pain or obsession, in a gunmetal gray color.

Keeping her eyes closed, we had Marcia imagine the gunmetal gray energy dropping down, draining from her head, through her torso, flowing down through her hips, legs, knees, shins, and feet until it seeped into the earth.

After releasing into the earth, the gunmetal gray was transmuted into a beautiful rose gold color with fresh earth energy, and we asked Marcia to visualize this new energy traveling back up into her body. As she felt the pain subsiding, she continued to visualize gunmetal gray going down into the earth and rose gold returning to her body, allowing the heavy energy she felt to begin to dissipate.

[38:58] Two words that describe Marcia’s best attributes

With rose gold energy around her head, Marcia had two attributes drop in when we asked her to describe the best parts of herself: Purple and smiling.

[39:23] Two words that describe a successful relationship for Marcia

We asked Marcia what came to mind when thinking of having a successful relationship with others that made her heart soar, and she shared the words yellow and joy with us.

[39:39] What Marcia’s heart wants her to know right now

After tapping into a calmer energy, we asked what Marcia’s heart wanted her to know, and she received the message, “I’m worthy.”

[39:52] What Marcia needs to know about her current relationship

When asking what she needed to know about her current relationship, she began to feel some unsettling, so we had another practice of bringing up rose gold energy around her head and breathing it in while the gunmetal gray energy went down into the ground. After the practice, Marcia described her feeling as peaceful.

[40:27] Jessica and Andrea dissect the meaning behind Marcia’s inner voice

Marcia’s higher self dropped quite a few little love notes during our practice, so we took a deeper look to help her find the meaning behind them.

With the message “purple and smiling,” Marcia has a smile that radiates brilliantly. This was an indication that she brings a sense of joy into the things that she does. While colors can mean different things for different people, purple for Marcia is about fun and safety, with an edge of worthiness. Her purple resonates with “I am worthy. I am fun. I am safe.”

“Yellow and joy” brings in the idea that a relationship for Marcia should be joyful. Her yellow felt expansive, showing us that this is how she knows she is in a good place in a relationship, when she feels expansive, joyful, and light.

[49:37] Andrea and Jessica recap Marcia’s live reading session

Marcia’s live reading brought the same inner voice connection, but in a totally different way! As a thinker who is good with words, once we were able to bring her energy down from her head and into her heart, she knew exactly what her inner voice wanted to say to her. This was a great, simple exercise for those of you who are always thinking that your thoughts are in the way.

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