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Show Notes

Your Inner Voice: A Guide to Hearing and Trusting Intuition

Do you ever wonder if what you are receiving is your intuition or just your busy mind? You’re not alone - this is one of the most commonly asked questions we hear. On today's episode, we break it down for you, discussing key words, what your inner voice is and isn’t, and ways to figure out if it's all in your head or if it's truly coming from your heart. Listen in as we share our personal experiences, and get ready to begin the journey of connecting to your inner voice with a beautiful exercise at the end of the episode.

This episode, we discuss:

[03:37] How we both receive downloads from Spirit and our guides

After knowing each other for 2 whole years, we were finally able to meet in person! We worked together, face to face, for a full week and it was nothing short of magical. One of the most interesting things that we were able to experience was how we each receive from Spirit in different ways. 

Jessica experiences downloads where she is able to write or type out entire messages from Spirit, actually hearing the download as it comes to her. Andrea experiences claircognizance with her downloads, so they present more as knowings, feelings, and intuition. Andrea also channels messages directly from Spirit.

[9:06] The different ways in which your inner voice can present itself

Your inner voice can present itself in many ways. For some, it’s felt as an instinct, a gut feeling. It can also be your inner dialogue. Andrea shares that her inner voice shows up strongly as inner dialogue that she also voices out loud. Different from Spirit, your inner voice is your internal guidance system - your sense of self.

[10:42] Accessing and tuning in your inner voice

You always have access to your inner voice. The trick is to identify it, so that it's easier to tune in to it and shut out any other noise.

[11:42] The role of the ego

Depending on your training or life experience, you’re going to think one of two things when you hear the word ego: psychology, or a person who is full of themselves. A lot of people carry a negative connotation about ego, but the truth is - it’s neutral. It’s the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious. The ego keeps us in our body, helping us get a sense of our own personal identity and the way we move through the world.

[14:14] Ego vs. mind

The mind is the part of a person that lets them be aware of the world and the experiences around them. The ego helps us connect the conscious and unconscious. So, the ego is how you are perceiving and the way you’re choosing to interact with the world, and then the mind is what says ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to that.

[16:19] The true, non-tiktok definition of higher self

Higher self is a term that gets thrown around a lot on social media platforms. To be clear, higher self is a person’s spiritual self. Think of your higher self as your soul, a wise being within you, or your true nature. 

[17:43] A quick overview of what we mean by ‘Spirit’

When we discuss Spirit, we’re talking about the universal ‘all that is,’ and all the facets within it. Spirit consists of our higher selves, of Ascended Masters, angels, star beings, elementals in the spirit of trees, earth and planets. Spirit is energy and life force, regardless of the form it takes.

[18:55] Whether or not you hear your inner voice

Is your inner voice something that you have to hear? The short answer is no! You may hear your inner voice, feel it, or sense it.

[20:40] Discerning Inner voice, Spirit Guides, and Angels

Our inner voice is not our angels or spirit guides. The best way to discern the difference is to practice. Work with your guides and your angels, or work on just your inner voice. Cognitively focus on one; turning the volume up on one and then the other through practice is what is going to help you figure out when it’s your inner voice or your guides speaking to you.

[23:42] Journaling and automatic writing

When you’re journaling or automatic writing, the most important thing to note is whether or not the information is positive and helpful. If it is, move with that. If it feels critical, limiting, or just not right, let that go. Critical thoughts could still be your inner voice, but that could be an indication that you have to check your ego and whether it’s operating in shadow or light.

[24:53] The connection between higher self and inner voice

Your inner voice can be described as the voice of your higher self., how it works and communicates with you.

[26:00] Why negativity is not your inner voice

Please note that if you are experiencing your inner voice in any way that is harmful to yourself or others, it’s not truly your inner voice. It’s an impossibility for your soul, your higher self, to come through in a harmful way. Your inner voice will never tell you that you have to do something - you always have free will.

[31:10] Application: Finding your center

The first step to hearing your inner voice is to quiet the noise around you. In this episode, we have an exercise for you to participate in to quiet yourself and let your busy mind go to lay a foundation to experience your inner voice.

[40:45] What to expect next

Moving forward on the podcast, we're going to be exploring automatic writing, journaling, and  ritual and sacred space meditation. We’re going all out to help you find different ways to help you connect to your inner voice.

Want a more guided approach to connecting to your inner voice? We are looking for two of our listeners to join us on the podcast for a live coaching session, where we will explore your connection to your inner voice and help you navigate any obstacles that arise. Sign up for the newsletter and let us know if you’re interested!

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