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Show Notes

Animal Communication: Understanding Ourselves and Our Animal Friends On a Deeper Level with Karin Bruère

Did you know that animal communication can actually help us understand ourselves more deeply? On today’s episode of Adventures With Spirit, we invited our friend, Karin Bruère, to help us dive into what animal communication really is, how it works, and how the gifts and messages that animals have for us can help us gain a different perspective on our path. Karin is an expert animal communicator and holistic coach for cats and dogs, and has been communicating with animals from a very young age. Listen in to hear more about her story and how understanding our animal friends can bring us to a deeper understanding of self.

This episode, we discuss:

[02:29] Karin’s journey to becoming an animal communicator
How different clairs play a part in Karin’s communication with our furry friends
Karin’s work as an animal healer
How animals can be a reflection of self
How soul plans work with our furry loved ones
[25:08] What Karin wants you to know about losing a pet
[30:03] Why it can be more difficult to our own pets
[31:55] How to get started with animal communication
[36:20] Communicating with different animals
[40:17] Using animal communication to keep animals from harm
[42:58] Karin’s experience with collective versus individual consciousness
[46:23] Seeing our pets in our dreams

[02:29] Karin’s journey to becoming an animal communicator

Karin believes that the world of animal communication isn’t something new that we need to learn, but instead it’s something we are all born with that may be dimmed over time due to our environment. When she was a young child, she thought it was normal to understand animals and perceive how they were feeling, and she feels very lucky that she had parents that didn’t stifle her dream.

She didn’t begin to question what she was able to perceive with animals until she reached school age and realized that her friends weren’t seeing or hearing the same as she was. As she grew, she continued to pursue animal communication and by 2010-2011, she was certified as an animal communicator and was living her dream of helping others understand their pets and other wild animals. She believes that if we could all understand animals,  this world would be a beautifully different place.

[05:22] How different clairs play a part in Karin’s communication with our furry friends

Karin’s communication with animals began as knowing and receiving pictures, which is known as clairvoyance. When she began to practice and hone her skills as a child, she began to feel what animals felt, which is clairsentience. Now as an adult, having practiced for many years, she receives messages from animals in a mix of ways, often depending on how that particular animal wants to communicate. Her most common clair used when speaking with animals is clairaudience.

[12:10] Karin’s work as an animal healer

Karin has always wanted to help people, and following that calling she found herself at a library asking for a book that would teach her how to heal with her hands. She took the librarian's suggestions and began to learn Reiki. She started Reiki work with animals, and notes that animals are more sensitive to energy work with humans, though they receive it in different ways. Dogs, for example, were able to receive Reiki directly from her hands, often showing her exactly where the pain points were. Her bunnies, however, were extremely sensitive to energy work. She describes her reason for pursuing Reiki was that one of her bunnies was always in poor health. She practiced Reiki on her bunny indirectly, practicing in another room, and her partner was able to report to her how the rabbit was showing enjoyment of the practice from the other room.

[14:24] How animals can be a reflection of self

Karin explains that animals in our lives can act as active or passive mirrors. You can communicate with animals on four levels: physical, emotional, mental and soul level. When you’re able to speak with an animal on soul level, you can speak about soul agreements, soul contracts, soul plans, but also previous incarnations and mirrors.

Karin shares a story about her work with a client and her cat. This client described her cat as very anxious and frightened of everything. She had sought out Karin because they were getting ready to move, and she wanted to communicate to her cat that everything was going to be okay and that he didn’t need to be afraid. When Karin began to communicate with the cat, he immediately began to speak on soul level, which is peaceful and full of wisdom. He began to speak of his owner, sharing that she should not be scared and that she should have more trust, indicating to Karin that the anxiousness was not existing on his physical level. When she relayed the message to the woman, she was discontent, having hoped that Karin would have done something to heal her cat’s anxiety, and stated that the message didn’t sound like her cat at all. A year later, however, this woman reached back out to Karin, apologizing for her reaction and stating that she could see exactly what Karin had meant with the message, and that the cat had in fact been mirroring her emotions.

Karin calls these active and passive mirrors because sometimes they show us something we have, something we are doing, but sometimes it's also triggering us because it's something that we don't or would not dare to do. 

[20:31] How soul plans work with our furry loved ones

The saying “You don’t get the dog you want, you get the dog you need,” is a phrase that Karin holds absolutely true with the animals that come into our lives. Years ago, a friend sent her the book Animals as Teachers and Healers. Reading this book, Karin felt that it made so much sense that animals are by our side to help us, support us, and to change our perspective, our perception, to help us being in the here and now. They want to help us see the world through their eyes, with instincts and also with wisdom. 

More and more humans are asking, “Can my pet speak about the soul plan, about our contract?” This question brings joy to Karin because she feels they are waking up to the realization that there is a purpose to why the animal is in their life. 

[25:08] What Karin wants you to know about losing a pet

In Karin’s experience, most humans feel guilty after the loss of a pet. They feel  guilty that they haven't done more, that maybe they’ve done something wrong or made a mistake. All this guilt comes to the surface the moment the pet passes away. However, when Karin is then able to communicate on soul level with the pet after passing, the pet is always communicating how grateful they are for the time they had with us. Karin describes this as an incredibly healing experience that brings a lot of peace and wisdom to the family.

[30:03] Why it can be more difficult to our own pets

Karin notes that she has a special course in her class to discuss communicating with your own pets, as it is typically more difficult than communicating with other animals. This is because with wild animals or with animals outside of our homes, we come into the conversation with an empty room, as Karin describes it. We then are able to fill that room by communicating directly wiith the animal. With animals that we are familiar with, we come into this metaphorical room with furniture and drapery already up, having decorated the room with our own thoughts and feelings. This can sometimes block communication with the animals we’re close with if we’re unable to clear our own thoughts and expectations away first.

[31:55] How to get started with animal communication

Karin loves working with the subconscious mind, which is where animal communication really begins. In a book by Dr. Joseph Murphy, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, there’s a description of having plus and minus programs like on a computer, and whatever is blocking you is hidden down there, but you experience it by the way you experience the world. In animal communication, they practice always diving first into the subconscious mind to reveal these limiting beliefs and dogmas, which could be a result of something that happened in our childhood, like someone telling us it’s crazy to perceive what an animal thinks. They then work on transforming that pattern or limiting belief into a supporting belief. After clearing those beliefs, they practice a lot of intuitive games and training to really integrate this into your daily life. Some of the games include asking a friend to think of a number, color, or animal, and then trying to perceive it. Karin believes the practice works best when it’s fun.

[36:20] Communicating with different animals

Unlike her experience with energy healing, Karin feels there is no difference in approaching communication with different animals as it’s usually from a distance anyway, focusing on connecting heart to heart. Whether it's a horse, cat, spider, or maybe an animal you are scared of, in animal communication, you just feel love. Karin always encourages people to start to connect from heart to heart.

She notes that she finds it interesting to communicate with animals who are living close to humans, because it’s unbelievable how much they are actually observing us and reading us.  

[40:17] Using animal communication to keep animals from harm

Andrea is a snake lover, but she mentions that she knows the people around her are usually not, and in their fear of snakes are prone to harming them. She asks Karin if there is a way to communicate with animals to keep them safe.

Karin uses animal communication to keep animals safe often, including communicating with fish in the water when she sees a fisherman. She feels sometimes her communication is too strong, because she will have moments where she is out swimming and enjoying the water, but she is too aware that she is not alone and will often find herself swimming back to shore with rescued insects on her arms.

[42:58] Karin’s experience with collective versus individual consciousness

Karin has not experienced collective consciousness when communicating with animals or insects, though she feels it may exist on a very small level. Every animal, including ants, that she has come in contact with has had an individual soul and personality.

[46:23] Seeing our pets in our dreams

In her coaching work with humans, when someone has a question she has them ask it before they go to sleep. Karin has received many answers in her dreams, often from pets who have passed away. She believes that our dreams are a perfect bridge to Spirit, and to all the answers we search for. Karin shares that she sets an intention before sleeping that she is opening up to receive whatever she needs to know, and then in either her dream or when she wakes up in the night, the answer is here. She suggests that it's a very good idea to allow our pets in heaven to communicate with us in dreams. 

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