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Show Notes

Putting the Pieces Together: A Live Mediumship Reading

On today’s special episode of Adventures with Spirit, we hold a live reading with our listener Mary. Spirit shows up in a major way as we are guided through mediumship, cards, archetypes and other spiritual tools that continue to show us the possibilities of healing through understanding your own personal adventure. Join us and our beautiful guest as we break down and shift belief systems and perceptions, making way for the journey ahead.

This episode, we discuss:

[03:36] A father’s reassurance

Our listener today had a visitor that had been waiting with us for 15 minutes to speak with her. As her father came forward, we felt his sense of pride and dignity, and the sense of security and safety that came with him. He helped us to understand our listener’s character, but also wanted his daughter to know that he was watching over her and a particular situation in her life and that it was going to work out in the end.

[11:07] Spirit guides + cards + clarity

During this reading, we felt Spirit guides moving in as well as some Angelic energy. As we began to tap in, it felt like there was a lot happening in terms of change and life transitions and that it had been going on for an extended period of time. For this reason, we began to pull cards in order to gain a bit of clarity on the energy that was coming through.

[11:57] Major Arcana cards

For this reading, using Tarot cards, a lot of major cards were pulled right away. When we see major Arcana cards show up like this, it can mean that there are a lot of really big energies coming around us, or that there are a lot of soul lessons that we’re learning at the moment.

[22:32] Moving from judgment to discernment/flags of awareness

It can be a lifelong practice, working to move from a place of judgment to discernment. For example, we may perceive someone as thoughtless or insensitive because they’re talking all about themselves. With discernment, we realize that they may not mean it as self-absorption or insensitivity, but as a way to share and open up. It’s important to be aware of your unique red flags that begin to show up as judgment in different situations so that you can shift into discernment.

[30:32] Meeting of interesting archetypes

Our listener had two very different archetypes show up: warrior and healer. It felt like a warrior energy wrapped up in healing. She was very nurturing, caring, and wanting to help others, but was also not afraid to go to battle for someone. It’s a combination we don’t see very often, but these archetypes were very helpful in her work when she had to stand up for the person who couldn't stand up for themselves. .

[38:37] Reading highlights

One of the biggest highlights of this reading for us was how Spirit came in and was really showing off, wrapping up all the episodes prior by seamlessly weaving in all of the elements. We went through cards, patterns, archetypes, and more. It was a beautiful reminder that Spirit is here to support.

Another big moment in this episode was a moment of recognition - a perception shift. Our listener had held a long time belief that she was being difficult when in fact she was being fierce and living her truth. When she shifted her perception and realized she didn’t have to believe that anymore, it was truly an amazing moment. When you have a new perspective on yourself, you can shift the way you see yourself and how you show up in the world.

[42:02] Moving forward after a reading

You’ve had a reading, now how do you move forward? The first suggestion we have for all of our listeners is to pay attention! Pay close attention to your words, actions, thoughts, and how you’re perceiving the world around you. Awareness is always the first.

After awareness, start working with your guides and angels. Ask them to help you see more clearly and to take things one step at a time. Know that everyone’s path is different, so you may be working on something for a short or long period of time, depending on what you need.

After working with your guides, it’s time to start applying what you now know to be true! Lean into the qualities that are in the highest good and in your best interest. You’re going to start approaching life in a different way and working on owning your power in both capacities. When you own your power in light and shadow aspects, when you truly know yourself, that’s when the magic happens.

Remember through your journey that it is going to require consistent attention, energy, and focus. Be willing to love yourself, call yourself out when needed, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

[46:07] How to receive a reading on the podcast

We will be holding live Mediumship readings throughout this season. If you’re interested, sign up for the newsletter and look out for email alerts inviting you to join us on the podcast for a live reading. We’ll be randomly drawing names from our listener pool, so make sure your name is in the pot!

If you loved this episode, go ahead and send us an email at and remember to subscribe to our newsletter to get access to extended episodes and live reading opportunities!

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