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Show Notes

Belief Systems: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Belief systems - we all have them. They surface when we attempt to create change and break away from existing patterns in our lives or when we have an automatic, sometimes unpleasant reaction to a situation. No matter how your life adventure has gone so far, your belief systems affect you on a deep, subconscious level. We are here to guide you through what belief systems are, how past beliefs can affect the present, and how to identify and change them so you can stop giving your power away.

This episode, we discuss:

[2:29] The difference between core values and belief systems

Belief systems can also be referred to as core beliefs, but they differ from what we define as our core values. While a core value is something that you intentionally choose to prioritize and seek out, belief systems are often subconscious or so deeply ingrained that we aren’t always sure where they come from. Belief systems are your way of seeing the world, and they repeat themselves over and over again, surfacing in different areas of your life. They are based on our past experiences, good and bad, and can present as insidious or empowering. Our goal is to help guide you through the belief systems you have lurking in the shadows, bring them the light, and transform them into a system that will allow you to stand in your power.

[6:20] The pathway to growth, evolution and ascension

Our belief systems are made up of repeating patterns and emotional habits. While these repeating patterns affect how we move through the world, it’s important to note that they don’t account for everything that happens to us. Yes, a belief system can and will attract certain things into your life, but other situations may occur simply because people make fantastically bad choices that you have zero control over. When you focus on what is within your control, while also understanding that you can’t control everything, you will begin to understand yourself on a deeper level and help you navigate your journey.

[9:13] Why belief systems tend to stem from a child’s point of view

There’s a lot of research that suggests our belief systems are largely formed while we are young. Because of this, they are formed through a child’s point of view. This is an integral part of changing and healing our belief systems, as we know that, as children, we perceive the world from a completely different perspective. Often, the systems that were formed in our youth no longer serve us as adults.

[11:25] Spirit-led examples of emotional patterns and awareness

As we discuss the definition and breakdown of a belief system, Spirit led us to be vulnerable and share our personal experiences and interpretations of those moments with you. Andrea shares an experience as a young girl that connected excitement and joy to sugar, while Jessica opens up about her belief system that ‘becoming invisible’ would keep her safe in social situations.

[16:39] Ways to identify your own belief systems

A question we’ve received in the past has been, ‘What do you do to identify your belief systems?’ A simple answer is to start with raising your level of awareness. Awareness is an understanding that these systems exist and that they have an effect on how we live our lives. When we take the time to look closely at the different aspects and origins of our belief systems, we can begin to see the different perspectives that may need to change. 

[24:09] Tools to help you dig deep into the work of identifying and changing

Not only are we all experiencing our own unique adventure, but throughout your journey you’ll find that the tools you need for various life moments may differ from ones you have used in the past. The good news is, there’s a great variety out there! Between therapy, the Akashic records, prayer, neuro reprogramming and more, it’s important to use these tools to help you dig deep on your self-growth journey.

[27:57] A guided awareness exercise

Jessica leads us through a guided exercise she refers to as ‘the black and white photo exercise.’ This exercise helps us stop the subconscious record from playing the same old patterns over and over again, giving us an opportunity to reflect and move into our power as we begin our journey of healing.

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