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Show Notes

Ep 1: What is Mediumship?

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a medium?

In today's episode, Andrea and Jessica delve into what mediumship is and respond to some of the most commonly asked questions around this topic.
Get ready to learn what goes into a reading session both, from a medium and sitter perspective, as they detail their process of connecting with spirit, what it feels like, and how their senses interact with other spiritual energetic beings.

Thank you for tuning in! We will see you in the next episode, where Andrea and Jessica will talk about how to strengthen your intuitive & psychic abilities. In the meantime, remember to follow, rate, and review the show!

In this episode, we cover:
-What mediumship is.
-The different types of mediums that exist.
-What ectoplasm is.
-How to choose the right psychic medium for you.
-Common psychic terminology.
-What to expect in a reading session.
-Types of Clair senses.
-Q & A's from the audience.

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Episode Transcript

Ep 1: What is Mediumship?

Andrea: [00:00:00] You can be receiving information and you're just, it's not making any sense. And then you get out of the session and you're sitting there going, oh my gosh, that was my mother. And I totally forgot that. 

Jessica: [00:00:16] That's what you want to bring a pen and paper though, because like I said, you may not know everything about your loved one, but you may take really great notes and then be chatting with your sibling and your sibling can affirm what you didn't know and be like, oh no, that message was for me.

Andrea: [00:00:32] Hi, I'm Andrea Neville 

Jessica: [00:00:40] and I'm Jessica Paschke. 

Andrea: [00:00:42] We are two mediums whose spiritual experiences have been quite the adventure. We've discovered that sometimes the adventure is wonderful and unexpected, and sometimes it's downright uncomfortable. 

Jessica: [00:00:54] Join us as we chat about our own adventures and answer your questions about spirit giving you specific tools and practices you can use to bring clarity and connection into your everyday life.

Welcome to adventures with spirit!

When you hear the word mediumship, what comes to mind? Maybe it's a movie like ghost for the sixth sense or perhaps it's all those ghost hunting shows you see on TV. Mediumship has a lot of different ways. It expresses itself. And today we're going to cover some of the basics to help you get familiar with it and answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

Andrea: [00:01:34] We are saying we're mediums. So what is a medium, why are we mediums? What does that mean? And that's what we want to talk about today. 

Jessica: [00:01:42] Yeah. But just put some words on it. [Laughing]So it's more tangible, right? So you kind of know.

Andrea: [00:01:50] This is kind of mediumship 101 understand, right. Intro, intro to mediumship. And we'll layer it up as we go. But today let's just say basically...

Jessica: [00:02:04] What is mediumship Andrea? 

Andrea: [00:02:06] That's a good one. That's a good one. So mediumship is when the medium or even you, if you're not a medium, but when you reach across the veil to communicate with spirit. And spirit is an energy and it can be specific, right? A specific energy, as in a loved one, but it's connecting with the other side. It's not a psychic reading. 

Jessica: [00:02:30] That's huge. There's a difference, right? For me when I'm doing mediumship. It's like, I'm talking to someone like, like having a conversation with them, right. Like they're there and we're, I'm posing a question. They're answering a question. Right. But for my psychic stuff, it's like, I'm watching a movie and I could be talking at the movie all day long, but the movie is still going to play out the way the movie is playing out. We're not interacting.  That's how it works for me. 

Andrea: [00:02:54] That's a good, that's a good description because mediumship is, we are interacting with another energy.

Jessica: [00:03:01] Another energetic being, right? 

Andrea: [00:03:03] We're not doing it independently or individually. 

Jessica: [00:03:06] And so how does it work? Like I know that's a really, I put that out there and I'm like, oh my gosh, that's a loaded question. But like really, basically, how does it work? 

Andrea: [00:03:14] Let's see, in a sixty-second answer. [Laughter] How does it work? The basics- it's about energy. It's about vibration and the medium is... you're meeting in the middle. So the medium has to raise their energy. And that is. What's the word I want to use with that. I mean, it's, there's a basic, you can't just jump into something unprepared. And what I mean by unprepared is not grounded, not cleared, you know, not ready to work, not intentional.

Jessica: [00:03:52] You're charging yourself up so that you're raising your vibration up so that they can come down to you and you meet in the middle.

And that's where the communication happens is in that in-between space 

Andrea: [00:04:01] Yes. The in between space. So I was kind of see, like, I feel myself literally lift up through my center, the top of my head tingles as it opens. Right. And there's prior chakras. And then I, it's almost like you feel that energy reach down and they touch.

Jessica: [00:04:21] Yeah. I feel like I go up in an elevator.

Andrea: [00:04:23] Interesting. I shoot up out of my body. 

Jessica: [00:04:26] And like, there's like a meeting space somewhere in there. And I go up, up, up and I feel myself going up, up, up, and like feeling that energy build. There's a building, like, it's like a building pressure, but not on a down, it's a pressure up. And, then I feel like someone enter my energy, enter my space. And then I know they're there, but that's how it works for me. Like they merged, they merged in, right?  

Andrea: [00:04:48] So it's kind of the same thing. Only I go out of the top of my head and then I feel it. I feel like I hit that way. So, um, that's how we're shifting vibrations.

Jessica: [00:04:59] But they're different types too, though. 

Andrea: [00:05:01] There are different types. 

Jessica: [00:05:03] So your intention of what you're doing, you have to have intention, right? So there are different types. So the first type physical, physical mediumship is, as I know it to be, is when something physically happens in the space. Like it's kind of what you think of back in like the 1800's turn of the century, where they were all sitting at a table, they were having a seance and like they were having like the ectoplasm. They're sitting in those spirit boxes.

Andrea: [00:05:26] The spirit boxes, I'm going into trance mediumship. 

Jessica: [00:05:29] Right. As a group, to produce physical sensations. 

Andrea: [00:05:33] It's seances, right where the table is moving. 

Jessica: [00:05:36] Or sometimes even I've seen it where their faces change, right? Like, like where the mediums face changes. There's something physical happening with them. Right? 

Andrea: [00:05:46] Have you ever seen. I've never seen that. 

Jessica: [00:05:49] I saw it once, but it was like such a brief flash that I'm like, did I see that? Was that real? 

Andrea: [00:05:55] Right, like in the face? Like the face changing the physical changes and going into trance, but I have never seen,

Jessica: [00:06:02] I've never seen ectoplasm.

Andrea: [00:06:03] Correct. I have not seen ectoplasm. Now. I have not put myself into places where I would see that. Right. I mean, I haven't gone to the places where they're doing physical mediumship and tables are moving and horns are playing in the air.

Jessica: [00:06:16] I've done table tipping, but I digress. We can talk about that another time, but it's a physical thing happening where everyone sees it. It's out in the world, right? It's out in the world, but now I'm not a physical medium. And I don't have really any interest in training as a physical medium. Not because it's not really interesting. It's just not my jam. 

Andrea: [00:06:36] No, I agree. 

Jessica: [00:06:37] I'm just not interested, but I do consider myself a mental medium.

Andrea: [00:06:40] Okay. And let's talk about, I mean, what is the mental medium? 

Jessica: [00:06:43] Well, I guess, I don't know, like it happens, the experience happens. I'm not bringing forth any physical sensation it's happening around me in me. 

Andrea: [00:06:50] Your physical sensation is happening in you. It's not a table moving. 

Jessica: [00:06:54] It's not a table moving. It's not like a light flushing. Like, you know, it's evidential in that I'm having a conversation with a spirit or an energetic being. And they're sending me information and I'm relaying that information to someone who's sitting across from me. The person that I'm reading for, and you're bringing through like all different kinds of things, right? I mean, Andrea, you bring through lots of fun things.

Andrea: [00:07:16] I'm also a mental medium and mental mediums use evidence and messages to share with you the spirit that they're connected with. 

Jessica: [00:07:28] Yep. Memories, personality, special dates.  I see how they look. 

Andrea: [00:07:36] So sometimes I see how they look and sometimes I don't, it changes. I think Jessica sees most of the time, sometimes they show me exactly what they look like. And sometimes they're an imprint or

Jessica: [00:07:48] the idea of it. 

Andrea: [00:07:49] or the light.. Exactly. So it's not like a photo. Sometimes it's a photo sometimes it's not for me anyway, knowing how they passed... 

Jessica: [00:07:57] Knowing how they passed, cause of death, now I feel that physically in me. I feel that physically, I'm not making the person across from me feel it, but I'm physically feeling it in me. It's how I can figure it out. 

Andrea: [00:08:09] Yes, me too. 

Jessica: [00:08:10] You know, that's how I figure it out. So it's almost like they merge with you. Like they come into your energy or they merge with you and they give you all this information so that you can understand the proof that it's them. So that the person sitting across from you says, oh my gosh, there's no way you could've known that. 

Andrea: [00:08:27] Or they can identify them.

Jessica: [00:08:29] And they can identify them. And then I bring through a message after we identify them.

Andrea: [00:08:34] So sometimes when spirit comes through, it's like, you know, you come through and you know. It's a father, you know it. 

Jessica: [00:08:43] A father energy.

Andrea: [00:08:44] We're going to say father energy because could be grandfather could be person that was like a father, but  sometimes we do the energy and sometimes, you know, exactly. Because the person, the spirit tells you, right? So it really changes based on  the spirit and their communication style. 

Jessica: [00:09:03] And I should I say that when we're talking mental and evidential mediumship, we're talking crossover loved ones because I do mediumship with other energetic beings. That is not that. So, so when we're talking evidential and mental mediumship, I'm talking someone you knew in this lifetime that you loved, that has passed and they have crossed over and they're coming back to communicate with you. . 

Andrea: [00:09:23] We jumped into this so fast! 

Jessica: [00:09:25] But there are other types of mediums.  I am also a spirit guide, medium and an angel medium where I can connect with angelic beings, and your spirit guides, other people's spirit guides. And you do some fun things, that I don't do.

Andrea: [00:09:39] So spirit guides will come through in the readings. And angels. I do, I do it differently than Jessica, I would say, but also star beings I connect with or ascended masters, any energies I -have a repertoire of spiritual energetic beings. Now they may work with just me, not necessarily with my clients. But they're still a part of that work. 

Jessica: [00:10:03] Yes, I understand. . I don't connect with my own guides when I'm doing a session. I just connect with their guides because their guys are the experts in them.  My guides just hang out and chill with me. [Laughter] 

Andrea: [00:10:13] So they're hanging out there with you supporting that process and you and I are going to the spirit guides of the person we're working with. 

Jessica: [00:10:20] And I'm not asking for information from them [*my guides] 

I think one of the biggest deterring factors is people get nervous about sessions. And so they don't book one. I find that people are like, I'm so nervous. I almost didn't book. Cause I didn't know what to expect. So I want to just talk a little bit about that. Like what can you expect in a session and how can you prepare for it? Now it's gonna be different because like, I think our sessions are wildly different. We work very similarly. So any medium you go to is going to have a different thing, but I think you can prep and set yourself up for success by taking some space and some time to put your intention out there. Who do I want to connect with? What am I hoping to get from the session?  How do I want to feel when this session is done? And just taking a few minutes, even if you want to just write it down or, you know, but just pulling that to the forefront of your mind, I think can help feel like you've got some direction to go with. Grounding yourself before you go in to have a reading. 

Andrea: [00:11:17] Oh, yes!

Jessica: [00:11:18] So that you're grounded. Otherwise I'll ground you for you, but it's more enjoyable if you do it yourself, but, you know, centering yourself, taking a moment to like breathe deeply.  Like now don't flow from your day into a session,  create sacred space for it.  Take a minute before. Definitely take a minute after. Cause you're going to want to take it. You're not going to want to like go run and pick the kids up from school. After having someone read for you, you want a space to like digest it.

Andrea: [00:11:43] It is for me  your sacred time, right? Your time with spirit. 

And please don't drive while doing it. 

Jessica: [00:11:53] No, my gosh, no! 

Andrea: [00:11:55] Don't try. It's not safe. And also you're not going to get the best reading that you could get because you're not present. 

So sessions can work different ways, right? And it's because you, spirit, and the medium, and the more comfortable you become, the more open you will become. And open means that you're just allowing this to unfold. You're open to the connection happening. So when you come in with a medium and choose someone that resonates with you, if you need to research them on their website...

Jessica: [00:12:32] do you feel comfortable with them? 

Andrea: [00:12:33] Yes!

Jessica: [00:12:34] You need to feel relaxed and comfortable with them. If you're going to do this, or it's not going to go anywhere.

Andrea: [00:12:38] Very important! Reach out. If you have questions, ask them before you book the session. And then what I've noticed in a session is people are  afraid to say anything because they don't want to give anything away. 

Jessica: [00:12:51] Do you do the "yes", "no", "I don't know"? 

Andrea: [00:12:54] I do. I do the "yes", "no", "I don't know".

Jessica: [00:12:56] So explain that.

Andrea: [00:12:57] So the "yes", "no", "I don't know" is, as the information is being shared with you and...

Let's step away for a second. You are the sitter, the client, the person who's coming to have a mediumship session with the medium, also known as the reader, in this situation. So these are the terms you'll hear: is a "reader" and "sitter". So as the reader is sharing the information that they are receiving from spirit, whether that be pictures, words; mediums receive different way because they're using their own skills plus how the spirit brings through the information, right? So it's a three way telephone conversation.

Jessica: [00:13:40] It's going to be different every time, right? 

Andrea: [00:13:41] Different every time, yes. 

Jessica: [00:13:43] For me, I think it's really helpful if I give you a piece of information, don't fill it in for me or try and make it fit. Please don't. We can have a conversation about it when we're done. I just want to know, is this a "yes, I get this. I know what this means." Don't elaborate on it. Just say "yes" or "no, I don't know." I'll go back to spirit and I'll dig around. Or, "I don't know", which you may not, you may not know, like we can't know everything about our loved ones, right?

Andrea: [00:14:10] It's  so funny you said dig around. That's what I say too. If I'm like, oh, I have to go dig around. Hold on a second. 

Jessica: [00:14:15] I'll be right back!

Andrea: [00:14:16] I'll be right back! [Laughter] 

Honestly, sometimes the "nos" are, or the "I don't knows" are "yeses". It just hasn't come through in a way, or we have presented it in a way that you're taking it. And also, you know, that deer in the headlights thing that happens, or we call it psychic amnesia. So as the sitter, we could be telling you information and not just, we I'm talking about all mediums...

Jessica: [00:14:41] I've done it, I've done it. 

Andrea: [00:14:42] I've done it myself as a sitter, you can be receiving information and you're just, "It's not making any sense." And then you get out of the session, and you're sitting there going, "oh my gosh! that was my mother!" 

Jessica: [00:14:56] [Laughter] 

Andrea: [00:14:56] "and I totally forgot that that was it!" 

Jessica: [00:15:01] That's what you want to bring a pen and paper though, because like I said, you may not know everything about your loved one, but you may take really great notes and then be chatting with your sibling and your sibling can affirm what you didn't know and be like, "Oh! No, that message was for me."

Andrea: [00:15:15] Yes. 

Jessica: [00:15:16] So taking notes is helpful. 

Andrea: [00:15:18] Let me ask you Jessica, so how do we work? 

Jessica: [00:15:22] I use all my clairs.

Andrea: [00:15:24] I do too. 

Jessica: [00:15:25] It varies. It depends on the client and it depends on the spirit. 

Andrea: [00:15:29] So tell me, what are clairs? 

Jessica: [00:15:31] It is, very briefly, they are how you receive messages from spirit. So you can be a feeler, you can be a knower, you can be a seer, you can be a hearer, where you hear things. You can be a smeller and a taster. I have that when I'm doing mediumship. It's how you receive the information. And for me, I use all of them, but some of them step forward more predominantly than others, but it really depends on the sitter and the spirit, honestly. 

Andrea: [00:15:56] So I also use all of them and the same, it depends on the spirit and the sitter and how they work, how they communicate, how they process things.

Jessica: [00:16:07] I think overall, I can generally say that it's like sitting for tea with someone, for me. It's like, I sit down with a nice cup of tea and I'm going to have a conversation and I don't know everything when we start out, but by asking the right questions, I can get the information and relay it to the sitter. I'm just having a conversation with the crossed over loved one and we're just chatting. We're just chatting. 

Andrea: [00:16:28] It's so interesting  you said sitting with tea because they're always standing when they come to me. So I feel like we're standing together having a conversation. So it's so funny, you're sitting having tea and we're standing together ... in my mind, I'm like, "How can I help you today? What's important?" I'm saying that to the spirit, you know, "what's important for you?"

Jessica: [00:16:44] Well, what wants to come through?  I want to say one last little tip for getting your reading. Don't be so set on a specific person...

Andrea: [00:16:52] Good one!

Jessica: [00:16:53] ...that you block every, that you, you refuse to see who's coming through for you.  I often will have like a warmup spirit come through that will help you figure out how to navigate the system. And there's someone that like, you know, and you're like, "that's so interesting that they came through. I'd never would have expected that." And they popped through like in real short. And you kind of get an idea and I feel for how the session is going to work. And then when they step back, they've kind of opened the door for maybe that spirit you really want to connect with. You know, so maybe your uncle comes in and then your mom comes in and that's the one that you really put the intention out there for, but she comes in second.

So don't panic if the person you want to talk to doesn't come in first. Doesn't mean they're not going to come in. It just means that sometimes they're shifting the vibration, they're opening the door, they're helping you understand how it works. So you're really fully present and landed. And in the moment by that time, that really special person comes through.

Andrea: [00:17:39] And for me, I don't know that all mediums would say this so there's my disclaimer, for me as, you know, we're working and maybe other spirits are coming forward or there's someone that you really want to connect with, I just say tell me. and then most mediums are able to go out there and you know, the thing is, is you don't have to find them, it's almost like you shift your focus or gaze... 

Jessica: [00:18:02] It's like a room of people and you just kind of scan the crowd and you're like, "Oh, there they are." 

Andrea: [00:18:07] Yes! It's not that they're not, it's just that you're, it's kind of who steps forward. Who's in front. And sometimes you have to look behind and it's just simply an energy.

Jessica: [00:18:16] I do find no matter what though, Spirit's going to bring what you need. And not always what you want, but they're going to bring what you need in that moment and just be open, be open to it. 

Andrea: [00:18:26] Oh my gosh, thank you Jessica - It's true. It's very much true. 

Jessica: [00:18:28] So we've got a bunch of questions submitted that people wanted to know about mediumship, and I'd like to answer some of these questions right now, if you're game, Andrea, if you're open to it?

So the first question is can anyone learn to be a medium? 

Andrea: [00:18:42] Yes. I think anyone can be a medium with intention, and some training for themselves. Not necessarily in my experience, my perception, the art of mediumship may not be for everyone. 

Jessica: [00:18:58] And when you say the art of mediumship, you mean reading for other people?

Andrea: [00:19:02] Yes. 

Jessica: [00:19:03] So you believe, and I do too, that everyone can connect with their crossed over loved ones.

Andrea: [00:19:07] I do, i do!

Jessica: [00:19:09] 100%! Or their guides or their angels or whomever. But not everyone is meant to be a reader for someone else, because that really does take another level of, you have to understand grief, you have to be able to hold sacred space for someone and nurture people. And there's like a more than just bringing the spirit through. I think everyone can be a medium enough to connect for themselves and their own people. 

Andrea: [00:19:30] I agree. What do you do if you have a persistent loved one, wanting to get your attention, right? How would you tune that out?

Jessica: [00:19:37] I have really good boundaries. 

Andrea: [00:19:39] Because some people are uncomfortable, you know, I do know people who say, I don't want to know anything about, I don't like, I don't want spirit touching me. I don't want spirits showing up. 

Jessica: [00:19:48] I just say, no, thank you. You're in charge of your energy. You're in charge of it. They're coming in, but you're in charge. So if you don't want something, you say, "no, thank you." And spirit should respect that. But I also think grounding, clearing and filtering -you're going to hear us say that over and over again- grounding, clearing filtering are key to having really good boundaries. You do not need to be in the grocery store talking to dead people. No, there's a time and a place.  So if I have someone who's really persistent, I make sure  I'm grounded, I'm cleared and my filters are really strong. And I don't ask, I tell them to leave.

Andrea: [00:20:22] Tell them, yes.

Jessica: [00:20:23] I tell them. And if they're not [leaving], if they're real persistent, then I call in my guides or Archangel Michael and they're removed and it has never failed. 

Andrea: [00:20:31] I agree, Michael takes care of everything!

Jessica: [00:20:32] Michael, will escort you out through that door so quickly! Okay. How do you know who belongs to who, when you're reading for a group? That was another question we had: how do you know which crossed over loved one belongs to whom?

Andrea: [00:20:45] When you're reading for a group? Okay. I'm going to answer this differently than Jessica would actually. Most of the time, if I'm reading person-to-spirit. Now the whole mediumship world just went upside down when I said that. Because mediums work spirit-to-person, but if I'm in with spirit and I either know who the person is that the spirit is for, because I can feel it or I know it, or I'm looking at the sitter and then the spirit is there. So listen, spirits control, that sounds confusing; spirit is controlling it and bringing my attention to the person that they are there for.

Jessica: [00:21:23] Well, your work with claircognizance, which is the knowing. And sometimes putting words on knowing is really hard, but if you're a knower, you'll know what she means. It's like this pull or this tug or that you just find yourself knowing that this spirit is for that person, and you can't explain it.

Andrea: [00:21:37] And Spirit's taking care of that.

Jessica: [00:21:39] Right. Spirit's saying... Sometimes I'll feel a tug and my body will turn or shift towards the area that they're in. So I'll know that this person is for someone in this area, right? 

Andrea: [00:21:49] Yes. 

Jessica: [00:21:49] This room, or If I'm reading for a  group or on zoom and I have all these awesome little boxes, I'll just like find my hand being pulled or my eyesight being pulled to one section, knowing it's it's coming over there. And then as you bring information through, it becomes very clear who it's for. 

Andrea: [00:22:05] Jessica, if we are doing a group reading or a platform as they're often called for a larger number of people you're bringing in the spirit and the evidence, and not necessarily knowing for whom this person is.

Jessica: [00:22:22] They'll come in, but I always get that directional energy.

Andrea: [00:22:26] You know the direction, maybe not the specific person. 

Jessica: [00:22:29] Right. And  it's coming over from here. And then I turn and I start having a conversation with that group, that part of the group.

Andrea: [00:22:35] That part of the group. So it's not necessarily the exact person. You're in a large group, but it's the section where that person is.

Jessica: [00:22:42] And someone says also, how do you... This ties in too, this question is "how do you tell the difference between loved ones, ancestors, angels, guides, et cetera?" How do you know it's a crossed over loved one? They just feel so different.

Andrea: [00:22:54] I was going to say they feel different.

Jessica: [00:22:56] And they actually come in into different energetic spaces.

Then, you know, if, if the gang's all here and I've got guides and angels and loved ones, and they're all coming in, which is rare, but if it does happen where they're all coming in at once, they come in directionally for me. So I'm like, okay, I know I'm feeling a pressure on my left upper hand side, my attention is being drawn up into the left that's someone's spirit guides. And if a gloved one comes in while I'm talking to spirit guides for me, they come over my right-hand shoulder up behind me and then come around  front and center. Because I'm an empath. I think sometimes my clear sentience really fills in the blanks, you know?

Andrea: [00:23:30] Right.

Jessica: [00:23:30] So, it just feel differently. Angels and ascended masters are huge energies. They're just gonna, you just know that it's not a crossover loved one.

Andrea: [00:23:38] With a different frequency and that's all I can say.  The frequency, the energy, the vibration is very high when you're working, it's a different than with a crossed over loved one. Because they were, they are souls now, yes, but they're not an angel and they're not an ascended master.

Jessica: [00:23:52] I agree. Let's do one more question. And this is really important and I don't know that I have an answer for this. So how do you get over the fear of connecting to the other side?

Andrea: [00:24:03] Oh, that's big! So, I would ask a question of the question: Are you connecting to the other side for yourself, by yourself? Or are you doing it with a medium who's helping you with that process? 

Jessica: [00:24:17] And what are you afraid of? Are you afraid of what you're going to find out? Are you afraid of the energy and how you'll feel when the energy comes through?  I think there's so many different aspects. A lot of times, fear comes up from just the unknown.  I don't know what it's going to be. If I connect with grandma, his grandma's gonna follow me around to the end of days now. [Laughter]

Andrea: [00:24:40] The short answer is no, no. 

Jessica: [00:24:43] I think you've got to figure out, why am I afraid? Am I afraid for connecting with myself? Or am I afraid of giving that over to someone else? 

Andrea: [00:24:50] Are you afraid that you're doing something wrong?

Jessica: [00:24:53] Maybe it's something you bring forward with you from your upbringing or your culture. And so I think there isn't one answer to that. How do you get over the fear? You sit with the fear and you figure out where it's coming from first. That's the first step. What is my fear? What really is my fear? Where does this fear come from? And what do I believe to be true about this fear? 

Andrea: [00:25:14] You know, also for a lot of people that I have met, the fear is if you're opening up to spirit, "what /who is going to come through? I don't feel safe in that." You are working in spirit. You are in the light. You are protected, you are in a space of love...

Jessica: [00:25:35] and you're following that love...

Andrea: [00:25:36] You're following the love. You're always following the love when you're doing mediumship. That's really important. 

I think these are some great questions and we know there's more, there was more, and these are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Jessica: [00:25:49] So we'd love to hear your questions. What have you always wanted to know about mediumship? And it doesn't just have to be crossed over loved ones. It can be spirit guides or angels or whatever. What do you want to know? What are your questions? What are your experiences with it? Did we say anything today that you didn't know or have you've had a different experience with, we'd love to hear your story. So email us and submit your questions, submit your stories at, and we will have a whole nother Q&A episode where we can dive more deeply into this. But we want to know what do you want to know about mediumship? What are your burning questions? 

Andrea: [00:26:25] Cause we have a lot of episodes planned with a lot of information. 

Jessica: [00:26:29] And we're going to be bringing different mediums in as well to tell about their experience. Cause we can only speak from what we know, but there's so much more out there. So we hope that you have a wonderful day and that you have a beautiful adventure with spirit. Take care. 

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