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Your Most Important Relationship

I bet when I said relationship readings, your mind went right to the romantic...

I bet when I said relationship readings, your mind went right to the romantic...

Being professional readers means that Andrea and I get a lot of requests for relationship readings. It makes sense because it can be hard to get a bigger perspective on relationships—especially if they’re going sideways at that moment. Asking a reader to tune in can bring a clearer understanding of what’s going on and help in terms of moving forward and making decisions on your own. Now, I bet when I said relationship readings, your mind went right to romantic, family, and friendship, but there’s another kind of relationship that is so often ignored—your relationship to yourself and to your body.

People do not like to talk about their relationship to self and body. I totally get this. I have definitely had a complicated relationship with my body through the years. However, our relationship to our body and ourselves is the most important relationship we will have with ourselves. How we view ourselves affects how we view the world, our role in that world and how we interact with those around us. For example, if you struggle with feeling worthy, then you may not take advantage of opportunities that present themselves because you don’t feel like those opportunities are “for you”. 

Worthiness has a huge impact on relationships, as well. If you don’t have a good sense of worth then you can often end up in situations or relationships where your value isn’t recognized or you’re not appreciated. The same goes for your physical body. If you have ever struggled with an illness, you’ll know how hard it is to trust your body to support you. You may have feelings of resentment or anger towards your body. This can lead to being hyper-aware of every single symptom you pick up on or lead to you ignoring your body because you don’t feel like you can trust what you’re getting. Let’s say you’re an empath. You’re used to feeling all the things, all the time both physically and emotionally and this may lead to not trusting your intuition or your “feels” because you can’t tell what is yours or someone else’s. This leads to you ignoring your physical body or numbing out and because your physical body is one of the most powerful intuitive tools that you have, you end up ignoring or tuning out your intuition. Gah! It’s complicated for sure.

To be honest, I don’t have the answers on how to heal this. We’re each unique and different and so the solution is going to be different for everyone. However, here are a few things to think about if you decided to check in with your relationship with your body and yourself:

  • Where in my life have I experienced trauma? (This could be Trauma with a capital “T” or trauma with a small “t”.)
  • How has this T/trauma affected my body and my worthiness?
  • What words do I use to describe my body to myself and to other people?
  • Are these words true?
  • Are these words mine or someone else’s that I’m repeating?
  • Where do I struggle with feeling worthy?
  • Where do I excel with feeling worthy?
  • Does my view of my worthiness affect how I move through the world?
  • Where does my worthiness come into play in my relationships?

Take a moment and just be open and curious with the answers that come up. There is no right or wrong and you aren’t going to judge yourself as information rises. This is simply an exercise to help you to start exploring your relationship to your body and self.

We chatted more about body and embodiment on our extended podcast episode with Jennifer Love; you can listen to it here. One of the gems that resonated with me was this idea that we teach our children to ignore their physical bodies from very early on by telling them when they can go to the bathroom or telling them that something doesn’t “hurt that much.”

Listen to Episode 15: Love & Relationship Readings with Jennifer Love if you missed it, and the extended episode with Jennifer below, where we chat about romantic relationships and we even demo how to use cards to see your relationships more clearly.

Last Updated:
July 8, 2022
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Jessica Paschke

Jessica Paschke

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