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Who has been in this situation?

Sometimes magic is messy!

Sometimes magic is messy!

One week, manifesting or creating something in life is seamless and easy. It’s as if everything just flows and you are able to step back and just bask in the glory of finally figuring out how to navigate forward with ease. 

Then, it feels like the week I had last week(s), when navigating life and manifesting what I wanted was kind of messy. You know those weeks—nothing goes the way you think it will and chaos reigns supreme. If you’re like me, you are left wondering what did I do wrong? 

Here’s the secret though: You did nothing wrong. Sometimes the magic is messy.

Many of us have this preconceived idea–from books, social media or classes—that manifesting, if done right, will always be easy and just flow. What these sources don’t address very well is that manifesting can happen in the chaos and the mess of life, to help us arrive where we need to be—not where we want to be. 

We have to remember that not every experience is meant to flow. When those "un-flow" moments happen, they give you a great opportunity to practice what you’ve learned and accept what you can’t control. It’s during these moments that trusting spirit and trusting the process is critical to you not losing yourself in the chaos.

If you’ve been following me recently, you’ll know that my family and I are currently having a lot of challenges. I would not describe life as “easy” right now LOL, but from the chaos things are coming together in their own way (a way completely different than I expected). I’m still manifesting a beautiful life in the midst of the mess. Magic is still happening, however, it would’ve been so easy to just give into the chaos of it all and throw my hands up in the air. 

Instead, we held on to the intention that this time of massive change was going to be different because we were going to react differently.  We weren’t going to buy into other people’s truths. We weren’t going to quit all the things we love just because it was harder to do them. And I 100% wasn’t going to give up the dreams I had, even though those dreams will look very different. We could still manifest a beautiful life, but we had to be ok with it being a little messy for a long while. 

I don’t think that the process of manifesting is supposed to always be that flowing feeling books talk about. Sometimes, I think it has to be messy, so that we rise to the occasion and step more fully into something beyond what we could imagine. The magic is hidden in the mess but we come through the process more empowered than we were before because we understand that we can still create something new and beautiful, even when things feel like they’re ending or constricting. 

So today, as you move through whatever chaos life brings you, stay open and curious as to where it could lead you. Take a step back and just imagine what miracle waits for you on the other side of the storm. Because sometimes magic is messy and it’s in the mess and the chaos where the true treasures lie.

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Last Updated:
October 26, 2022
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Jessica Paschke

Jessica Paschke

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