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When Feeling Gratitude is Hard

Gratitude in a spiritual and wellness sense has become accepted now, and thank goodness!

Gratitude in a spiritual and wellness sense has become accepted now, and thank goodness!

Gratitude in a spiritual and wellness sense has become accepted now. Thank goodness. I do believe gratitude carries a frequency in the universe and invites in more feelings of gratitude. What we focus our attention on becomes manifest. Feelings of gratitude open the way to manifest more.  

I am not one to bypass the challenges of this lifetime, preaching love and light in all things. I know life can be hard sometimes. When you are in the experience of not feeling grateful or appreciative for much, how do you keep the “attitude of gratitude?”

First, be honest with yourself about how you are not feeling grateful, currently. It is okay. If anyone ever chastises you and says you must feel grateful all the time to “do it right,” full stop – that is toxic belief and removes the human experience. We hope to hold gratitude most all the time, but that can be a work in progress that happens at your own pace. No one is judging you or timing you. Life is a bit easier when we can hold gratitude, but we aren’t perfect, nor do we need to be. 

Second, no matter what is happening for you in the moment, what do you appreciate? Is your world challenging now, but the sun is shining warmly on you and a slight breeze is creating gentle movement around you? Are you expecting me to say have gratitude for the sun and breeze? Surprise! I am more of a person who says, “Try and appreciate that you noticed the sun and the breeze, and it can make you feel better and hopefully grounded for a few moments.”

Third, practice this feeling of appreciation for all the little things. Allow that to build to gratitude for that warm sun and breeze and your appreciation of it. You are noticing the gift of them in the moment. It does take intention, attention, and practice to create a response of gratitude. It is worth it. I call it a little shift in perspective. 

I will never forget sitting on the beach with my best friend. We were really looking forward to a day by the ocean. It was a windy day and rather chilly as we settled in. At one point, the wind kicked up and was pelting sand, stinging our legs and faces. I grabbed a towel and covered my legs. She, trying to create an upside said, “How wonderful we are getting our skin exfoliated!” I have never forgotten that moment. It helped reset our expectations. I was able to stay covered by my towel to reduce the stinging and be grateful I was having my time, by the ocean, with her.

I know sometimes, for some of you, it feels like there is nothing to be grateful for and life is cruel. I sit with you beautiful humans, and I feel your struggles and pains while we are together. Whether they be big struggles or little struggles, they are your struggles. They are real for you, and you don’t need judgment from others or their perceptions harming you. You do need to find your way forward, and gratitude is a tool to make that happen. When it feels as if there is no forward movement happening, look to create gratitude and watch how it starts to move, perhaps not on your time schedule, but it will move. Things can seem less hard and difficult when gratitude is infused, and that will, in turn, become true. 

I am grateful for the people who support me when I am my own worst enemy, telling myself stories of limitation. The stories trap me in a place I am not interested in being. Gratitude is limited in this place. I know I am surrounded by the beauty and support of this universe, and I am grateful. You, too, are always surrounded and supported beautifully in all things. Find your way forward or through and allow gratitude to be a practice in your life. Keep it as a tool in your ever-expanding toolbox to use daily and especially in emergencies. It has multiple applications and each will benefit you. Say thank you every day, letting gratitude build from there; it is a starting point. 

This article from has some ideas you may find useful. 

Wishing you the blessings of gratitude this season and every day of your life.

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Last Updated:
March 20, 2023
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Andrea Neville

Andrea Neville

Psychic medium, spiritual coach, teacher, and healer

I am a psychic medium, spiritual coach, teacher, and healer. I work with your spirit guides, guardian angels, loved ones, Akashic Records, and other energies. With assistance from Spirit, I hope to offer what you need in your highest good.

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