What is a Pyschopomp?

Has this ever happened to you? You hear a word for the first time, then that word stalks you...

Has this ever happened to you? You hear a word for the first time, then that word stalks you...

Has this ever happened to you? You hear a word for the first time, then that word stalks you for days afterward….that’s exactly what happened with the word “psychopomp.”

My friend Kendra McMurray is always up to amazing things. She is a vast wealth of knowledge and wisdom and dives beneath the surface, looking for the deeper insights into her intuitive and spiritual journey. Since the moment I met her, I knew she had something magical going on. In fact, she usually brings up things in our conversations that I have never even heard of before. Take the word psychopomp. A few weeks before she was scheduled to come on the podcast, I was chatting with Kendra about what she wanted to talk about and she says, “Well, I’m doing dream work, and this and that, oh yeah–I’m also training as a psychopomp and working on my book of the dead.” I was like wait, what?!? I had never heard the term psychopomp.

So what is a psychopomp? Kendra explains psychopomps as “guides who help souls transition”. For her, it usually happens in her dream work at night while she sleeps, though she can access it during waking hours. While Kendra is a medium, a psychopomp is more than that. Her communication with the dead is more like working with them to help them navigate to the other side with grace and ease. The more she chatted about it the more my fascination grew with it. I even remember telling her, “Wow. That’s so amazing. I’m totally not a psychopomp,”

Now, if you know anything about my spiritual journey up to this point, you’ll know that when I say the words, “I’m totally not….”, Spirit is like, hold my green tea. This was no exception to the rule. A few days after recording, I had a session with astrologist Maeg from Third Sister (she’s also amazing!) and she was looking at my birth chart. She paused for a moment and then told me that with how my chart is set up, my work would lend itself to going beneath the surface. Then she said, “You know, like a psychopomp.” A few nights later, I started having the type of dreams I used to have all the time in my 20s, where I find myself wandering through a village at night with dozens and dozens of doors on either side of me that lead to really interesting situations to say the least.. (Kendra mentions in the episode that doors in dream work can be an indication of psychopomp work.) It’s funny, those types of dreams faded away when I started to do my mediumship work full time–I had completely forgotten about it.

Within a few weeks, I had gone from not hearing the word to hearing it multiple times in books, podcasts, and sessions–and even having dreams about that work again. Funny how Spirit steps forward to help you get clarity on who you are and what you can do. Now, this doesn’t mean I’m meant to do psychopomp work full time or maybe even at all, but it was a really good lesson on the idea of “never say never” to Spirit.

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