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So you want to meditate?

A meditation practice doesn’t have to be long in order to work

A meditation practice doesn’t have to be long in order to work

Over the years, we’ve noticed that a lot of people make New Year’s intentions or resolutions to meditate more or to learn how to meditate. It’s a fantastic goal to have. Studies show so many benefits to having a consistent meditation practice. We’ve also noticed that the hardest part of this intention is finding the right resources to get started.

We decided to compile a few of our favorite resources for getting started (or reimagining) your meditation practice:

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation with Adreanna Limbach [Season 2, Episode 31] One of the most common things we hear from our listeners and clients is how hard they feel meditation can be, and we believe this stems from their thoughts around what meditation really is. It’s important to note that meditation is something that we can never truly become an expert in. It’s so much more than simply sitting with your breath, especially since it’s not a common practice for us as human beings in today’s society. Meditation is the practice of sitting down in silence and stillness, with no other stimulus except for ourselves, and just sitting with our own internal life. In this episode, we chat with Adreanna about the ins and outs of starting a meditation practice and how you can go deeper if you already have one in place.
  • Meditation Apps. We LOVE meditation apps. There’s just something so easy about opening up your phone and picking out whatever meditation catches your attention. It’s also a great way to get exposed to different styles of meditation, so you can figure out what works for you. Insight Timer is a great one to get started with. They have a plethora of free content. We also LOVE Headspace. It’s got fantastic programs and information–they even have “classes” you can “enroll” in, so when you open up the app, it takes you deeper into the practice of your choosing. It covers things like stress management, overwhelm, anxiety, and gives you more tips above and beyond your daily meditation practice. It is a little pricey, so if you just want to play with an app and see if that way works for you, then the free version of Insight Timer could be a perfect fit.
  • Spiritual Evolution Collective. This is our private Adventures With Spirit community. In the Collective, we have a specific area just for meditation. We also gather as a group multiple times a month to meditate. This solution is perfect for those wanting to have support in getting started or going deeper. We hold space for you to practice and we help you when you get stuck or hit a challenging moment. Click here to get on the waitlist and get notified when the doors open again this Spring.

Remember, a meditation practice doesn’t have to be long in order to work.  Start with a five minute practice of just tuning in and noticing your breathing. Consistency–not length–is key. Another helpful tip: It may be helpful to set an alarm for the time of day when you can fit meditation in.  That way you get a little reminder to take a moment to focus on yourself.

Did you know that Adventures with Spirit has a community devoted to exploring your intuitive and spiritual development journey? Check out the Spiritual Evolution Collective!

Last Updated:
January 25, 2023
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Jessica Paschke

Jessica Paschke

Intuitive Guide | Medium

I help bridge the gap and act as a guide to greater clarity and deeper joy, helping you to tap into your inner truth and knowing empowering you to co-create an authentic life based on your own personal truth, experience, and wisdom.

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