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Sneak Peek into Season 3!

Part One

Part One

Living on the East Coast of the United States means we're right in the middle of summer. The weather is beautiful, the water is warming up and we’re both attempting to make space to enjoy all that the beach has to offer. 

We’ve also been super busy getting ready for Season 3 of Adventures with Spirit Podcast and we thought we’d give you a little “behind the scenes” glimpse of the upcoming season.

Let’s start with the theme….how did we choose it?

To be honest, the theme usually just drops in or chooses itself. We’re firm believers that creative projects have a spirit of their own and, when given the opportunity, will let you know how they want to co-create with you. That approach usually looks like us bringing our thoughts, ideas and intentions to the table and then seeing where those want to grow and how they want to evolve.

This season was….different.

As soon as we wrapped up Season 2, an idea presented itself that we got really excited about–”in Real Life”.  

We’ve noticed a trend in our membership community Spiritual Evolution Collective, our free Spiritual Compass exploration, and with our 1:1 clients–they get the idea surrounding a spiritual practice, tool, technique, idea, topic, etc. but they struggle when it comes to making those concepts apply in their own life.

Think about it: How many times have you read a really great book on a spiritual topic that you’re interested in? 

You read it and think, “Yes! This makes so much sense!” It inspires you to want to make changes and incorporate what you’re learning into your life. You finish the book only to realize that after a few failed attempts at applying what you’ve read, it’s not working like the book said it would. You promise to come back to it next week, but months later it’s collecting dust on the shelf with all the other well-meaning books. (And this applies to classes, podcasts, etc. too)

We get it. We’ve been there.

Applying ideas like spirituality to your real life can be immensely challenging. This is because once you read the material or listen to the podcast episode or class, you don’t have anyone to go to to ask questions and to help you figure out how it works for you. There is no one there dropping in from time to time to make sure things are clicking and that you’re sticking to your intentions to explore your own spiritual adventure. 

And if you get stuck? Forget about it. It’s just easier to toss the book in a pile and try a different one. 

That’s where the “in real life” comes in–it’s an essential part of creating permanent, lasting change. If you can’t make it work in your day to day life, no matter how much it works for someone else, it becomes just another useless piece of information.

We are passionate about “in real life”. We both believe that with support and encouragement to figure out how you personally connect with Spirit and to your intuition and evolution, you can make things work for you–in a way that is unique to you.

“In Real Life” is why we created our private community, Spiritual Evolution Collective, and now we’re bringing that concept to you, our podcast listeners, too. It is the next essential step in transforming, not only how you work with your intuition, but also with your own spiritual evolution.

We cannot wait for you to join us on this new leg of the adventure! Tune into next week’s newsletter, as we dive into how Season 3 evolved. PLUS, you’ll get access to our new trailer–our first official kick off to Season 3!

Did you know that Adventures with Spirit has a community devoted to exploring your intuitive and spiritual development journey? Check out the Spiritual Evolution Collective!

Last Updated:
June 28, 2023
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Andrea Neville

Andrea Neville

Psychic medium, spiritual coach, teacher, and healer

I am a psychic medium, spiritual coach, teacher, and healer. I work with your spirit guides, guardian angels, loved ones, Akashic Records, and other energies. With assistance from Spirit, I hope to offer what you need in your highest good.

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