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Psychic, Psychic Questions Everywhere!

The 2 most often asked questions about being psychic

The 2 most often asked questions about being psychic

Because we run a podcast that talks about spiritual adventures, we get a lot of questions sent to us about a lot of different things. We decided to take time to answer the questions that come in. Sort of like a “Dear Abby”, but call it “Dear Psychic Medium” insead 😂

But seriously, you all have a lot of questions about how to be psychic or develop your psychic abilities, so we decided to answer some of the more common questions people have submitted. Here are two we get a lot:

Can anyone develop psychic abilities? Yes! We firmly believe that everyone who wants to can develop psychic abilities. It’s just another skill that can be learned with practice and training. Let go of the old rhetoric about how you had to be “born like this” or “be special” in order to tune into spirit and your own psychic skills–it’s simply not true. 

How do I develop my psychic abilities? There is no one way to develop psychic skills, but here are a few ideas that you can start to play with:

  • Tune into your body. Your body is THE MOST powerful psychic tool you have access to. You just have to figure out how it works. Pay attention to those feelings you get in your gut–butterflies, rocks, flutters. Pay attention to any tension that shows up. Where do you feel it? Why did it show up? What’s the message? Same with emotions. Every emotion is a messenger, if you take time to listen.
  • Get into Nature. Oh, Nature–we know we talk about nature so much, but it’s such a wealth of information, especially in regards to developing your psychic skills. One thing that can block your intuition or psychic abilities is internal noise.  Nature has a grounding and quieting effect on your system helping to reduce that noise, so you can really tune in. Plus, Nature is amazing when it comes to working on fine tuning your clairs–the languages your intuition speaks.
  • Pay attention to your dreams. If your intuition can’t get through during your waking hours, you may find it communicating with you in your sleeping ones. Dreams are a great way to tune into your psychic abilities. All you need to do to start is grab a notebook and pen and write down what you remember from your dreams. From there, you can act like a detective translating what your dreams mean.
  • Follow those nudges. How often have you felt or known something–like a nudge? How often have you followed it and what happened? Those “nudges” are you psychic skills or intuition making itself known. For example, you’re in a parking lot looking for a spot. You get this nudge or knowing that you need to turn right and go into the next row. You follow it and sure enough there is a car pulling out of a spot–like it was meant for you. Or maybe you’re using the GPS in the car and you get a nudge that you shouldn’t follow it and instead take a different way. You ignore it and end up stuck in a TON of traffic because of construction or an accident that the GPS didn’t know about. Start to follow those nudges with low risk things–like parking spots–to figure out how your “nudge system” works. You can expand from there, as you begin to understand yourself.

Developing your psychic skills or intuition is actually easier than it’s made out to be. You’re probably already using those skills on some level and by slowing down and paying attention, you can start to use them intentionally.

Remember, practice and curiosity can take you a long way with psychic development.

Interested in learning more? Listen to this episode [Season 1, Episode 2] to learn more about how to strengthen your intuitive and psychic abilities.

Did you know that Adventures with Spirit has a community devoted to exploring your intuitive and spiritual development journey? Check out the Spiritual Evolution Collective!

Last Updated:
February 22, 2023
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Jessica Paschke

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