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The Most Important Intuitive Practice You Can Do

People often ask us what is the most important thing to do to opening up your intuition?

People often ask us what is the most important thing to do to opening up your intuition?

People often ask us what the most important thing you can do when it comes to opening up your intuition. Our answer is always the same: Ground, Clear, Protect. It’s so important, we actually did an entire episode (Ep. 10) on it, but it’s worth repeating.

When people start opening up to their intuitive abilities, it can often feel like things are happening to them rather than them working with them. You’ll even hear of it referred to as an “awakening” sometimes because it can seem that you went to bed one night, only to wake up the next morning viewing the world in a completely different way. It can be jarring. Andrea and I never had a true awakening in that kind of way. We both had these abilities as kids and sort of grew up with them–even though we definitely shut them down at different times in our lives. We always knew they were there–we just sort of ignored them until it got to be too complicated to do that any more. However, we have a lot of clients who have had that type of awakening. 

Everyone reacts a bit differently. Some immediately jump into learning-everything-they-can mode. Some spin out and feel like the world is just too much. Some try to ignore it, while others don’t have any idea what’s happening and move into fear mode. Andrea and I started the Adventures with Spirit podcast for those people who are starting to realize that there is more going on beneath the surface. It can be super lonely and isolating if you don’t have support while you’re moving through it all.

There is also what I call a “secondary awakening.” This is what happens after that first awakening. It may look like this: You finally come to terms with what’s happening. You may have read some books or taken a few classes and you feel like you’re understanding what’s going on. You may have even figured out your clairs and who one of your Spirit Guides are. Then one morning you wake up and everything has changed…again. Maybe you were clairsentient and now you’re hearing things via clairaudience. Perhaps you were comfortable with your psychic skills and all of a sudden mediumship abilities start to nudge you. I definitely had a secondary awakening–though I think it was more like a secondary “acknowledging”, if I’m being honest. I first identified as an empath. It was all the feels all the time. Being empathic was actually what brought me into a psychic development circle. I was desperately needing a way to tone that skill down. I learned some basic techniques and tools and was feeling pretty good about being empathic, when mediumship rose up to be seen. Looking back, I’d always been a medium, but now I had the words to describe what that was. Everything changed. My clairs shifted, it felt like Spirit was all up in my business all the time–even how I worked with cards changed. It was a lot. Fortunately, I had a strong foundation in place that I could fall back on, while I figured out what was going on.

That foundation was:

  • Grounding
  • Clearing
  • Protection (or what I call filtering)

Grounding is the act of anchoring into the earth’s energy and allowing yourself to settle back into your body. This will help stop that “spinning” or “floating” feeling some people experience.

Clearing is exactly what it sounds like–it’s clearing your energy (or your space’s energy). This helps with feeling too much, getting rid of what feels like the weight of the world, and feeling drained or depleted.

Protection is using intention to shield or protect yourself from outside energies. I like to think of it as filtering–keeping out the junk that isn’t mine. This will help you stay nice and clear after your clearing is done and keep you from picking up any extra energetic junk floating around. It also can filter out insistent energetic beings–so you don’t end up talking to transitioned souls in the grocery store.

If you practice these three basic things, no matter where you are at in your intuitive journey, you’ll be able to handle most of what comes your way. It doesn’t have to be long either. Sometimes, I just do a kick 5 minute check in and then GCF (Ground, Clear, Filter) and I’m on my way. Sometimes, it takes a bit longer. Just listen to your body and inner voice and you’ll know how long you need that day.

Andrea and I feel like this is so important, we did an extended episode on it. Click here to listen to the unreleased section of Episode 10 of Adventures with Spirit that includes a short Grounding, Clearing, Protecting (Andrea refers to it as shielding in this clip) process. 

I’d love to hear your experience with this short process. I’d also love to hear about your favorite ways to Ground, Clear, and Filter.

Last Updated:
September 16, 2022
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Jessica Paschke

Jessica Paschke

Intuitive Guide | Medium

I help bridge the gap and act as a guide to greater clarity and deeper joy, helping you to tap into your inner truth and knowing empowering you to co-create an authentic life based on your own personal truth, experience, and wisdom.

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