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How the Energy of Your Stuff Affects Your Life

How does clearing and decluttering my house do anything for my soul or the blocks in my life?

How does clearing and decluttering my house do anything for my soul or the blocks in my life?

Over the last few months, we have touched on the idea that in order to clear the space of your home effectively, you need to physically start to clear it. And Andrea gave some really great ideas for how to clear the energy of your space

But I want to come back to this idea of clear-your-house, clear-yourself because it’s important and brings up the question:

“How in the world does clearing and decluttering my house do anything for my soul or the blocks in my life?”

Our beings are intimately connected to our surroundings. I’m a firm believer that your house can reflect what is happening to you on a soul level. Is your personal space messy and crazy and all over? Chances are you have had a crazy week and haven’t taken the time to take care of it—or yourself. (I’m totally guilty of this when I’m teaching an intensive like Spirit Guide Mastery or participating in a musical. All my focus goes to the project at hand. I don’t judge, I just make space to be aware and make adjustments.)

Maybe your house is clean, though. For you, it’s not something that you see—it’s something that you feel when you walk in the door. It’s like a heavy weight greets you. There’s just so much… stuff that you have to keep organized. You’re tired, unmotivated, and just want to curl up and hide from it. Spring clearing your physical space can help you clear these experiences and allow you to create something wonderful, welcoming, and amazing in your home.

How does it work? Well, we talked about how every object we surround ourselves with has its own energy and influence in our life. (Holding on to those old love letters? You may be holding on to that old love, too.) But it’s not just what we are holding on to—it can also be how much we hold on to.

When we surround ourselves with too much stuff, not only can we not find anything, but we can get lost on a spiritual level, as well. The clutter takes up physical space, of course, but it also takes up energetic space. Space that you could be using to welcome bigger and better things into your life. The clutter gets in the way of your ability to connect to source, which is why the act of decluttering your physical space can actually declutter your spiritual self and create a clearer and calmer path forward.

We all have various reasons for why we keep stuff. We: 

  • Don’t have time to de-clutter
  • Are attached to the things that are filling up our space
  • Are afraid that we will need it one day
  • Don’t want to offend the person who gave it to us
  • It makes us feel safe to be surrounded by things

These are all valid reasons to have accumulated the clutter, but not a single one of these reasons is good enough to keep the clutter. This excess stuff in our homes can drag our energy levels down, causing low grade illness, anxiety and depression. As you start to declutter, the most amazing thing will happen—healing. You will start to heal. Things that you were avoiding are finally dealt with. You can release the anxiety and stress from putting it off. Boxes of stuff that were left over from a previous relationship are gone. You can now attract a new, healthier relationship into your life. Some people even lose physical weight from decluttering. As you release the junk from your physical life, you’ll also see the “junk” fall away from your emotional and spiritual life. It’s like sending the universe a huge sign that says “I am ready to clean up my mess!” 

How do you figure out where to start? With journaling or a deck of cards, of course!

Did you know that in feng shui each room in your house represents or is connected to a part of your life? I did not, until I read a book by Denise Linn—Feng Shui for the Soul. For example, your bedroom represents your inner self; your bathroom symbolizes what you need to release, etc. Since I’m a huge card lover, I thought it would be fun to arrange a tarot/oracle card layout that would help you to identify, room by room, what is going on in your life. Then, in addition to pulling cards, you could begin by clearing the rooms where the energy is really wonky. 

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have all the rooms in your house that are listed. You can still pull cards to learn more about yourself or you can mix and match which categories you want. Tailor it to your needs at this moment. You could also draw a Spirit Advice Card for categories that come up with a need for help or improvement or re-focusing. 

Based on Denise Linn’s book, Feng Shui for the Soul:

  1. Front Entry: How You Present Yourself to the World
  2. Bedroom: Your Inner Self, Who You Really are Beneath the Exterior
  3. Living Room: How You Connect to People & Your Community
  4. Dining Room: What Nourishes You
  5. Kitchen: Current Energy Surrounding Your Prosperity and Abundance
  6. Bath: What You Need to Release
  7. Office: Current Energy Surrounding Your Expression of Dreams/Creativity
  8. Basement: Desires You are Hiding
  9. Attic: Things Hanging Over Your Head or Lessons Just Out of Reach
  10. Bonus Question: What Spiritual Growth or Lessons Does My Home Offer Me?

(I’d encourage those who don’t like the current home they are in or are facing challenges with their current home to do the bonus question. Our Spirit Guides and Angels are always happy to help us dive deeper.)

After you’ve journaled or pulled cards for each question, take a minute to decide what needs the most help first. Then break up that room into sections that are easy to accomplish in less than an hour. When you’re all finished decluttering, it would be fun to draw cards again and see how the energy has shifted!

We’d love to hear how energy clearing is going for you? Have you tried any of our suggestions? What about the card layout? What popped up for you? Let us know!

Last Updated:
July 8, 2022
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Jessica Paschke

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