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Extended Episode: The Spiritual 411 on Crystals

Special extended episode of the Adventures with Spirit podcast

Special extended episode of the Adventures with Spirit podcast

Are you feeling like you need to hit the reset button on your spiritual journey? Maybe you're feeling like you've lost touch with the basics and need to get back to the foundations of your practice. We talked all about Going Back to the Basics here, and now we're continuing with this special extended episode of the Adventures with Spirit podcast.

We were thrilled to sit down with Sara Bryki, a certified crystal healer, to chat about the spiritual power of crystals. Now, we know what you might be thinking: "Crystals? Aren't they just pretty rocks?" But let us tell you, crystals are so much more than that. They're energetic beings with their own unique properties and abilities.

During our conversation with Sara, we delved deep into the world of crystals and explored how they can help us on our spiritual journeys. As someone who has been working with stones and crystals for over 15 years, Sara had a wealth of knowledge to share. We talked about everything from the different types of crystals and their properties to how to choose the right crystal for you. If you missed the episode, listen here.

But here's the best part: the conversation didn't stop when we turned off the mics. We kept talking and talking, and before we knew it, we had a whole extended episode full of even more crystal insights to share with you. So, if you're ready to learn all about the spiritual power of crystals and how they can help you on your journey, enjoy this extended episode.

And remember, sometimes going back to the basics is just what we need. Take some time to connect with yourself and your practice, and don't forget to let the magic of crystals guide you along the way.

Did you know that Adventures with Spirit has a community devoted to exploring your intuitive and spiritual development journey? Check out the Spiritual Evolution Collective!

Last Updated:
March 20, 2023
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Jessica Paschke

Jessica Paschke

Intuitive Guide | Medium

I help bridge the gap and act as a guide to greater clarity and deeper joy, helping you to tap into your inner truth and knowing empowering you to co-create an authentic life based on your own personal truth, experience, and wisdom.

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