Discovering Your Patterns

How do you change something you can’t see? How can you work with belief systems and patterns?

How do you change something you can’t see? How can you work with belief systems and patterns?

If you've ever taken a class with Andrea or myself, you know we have a HUGE focus on not only learning new things, but also helping you apply what you're learning. We were chatting about how we could help you all really apply what we chat about in the podcast episodes, when we came up with the idea to play with a follow-up "homework/playwork" assignment for each episode. We're going to be sharing these with our newsletter subscribers. Let us know how it works for you, so we can change it to suit listener needs ❤️

Working with Belief Systems

How do you change something you can’t see? This question comes up a lot especially in regards to changing or shifting belief systems or patterns. If you haven’t listened to Episode 23 yet, click here to check it out.

Patterns are some of the hardest things to identify in our lives, but when you do, you see some of the biggest shifts. How can you start to work with belief systems and patterns?

First, take a moment and just tune in.
🌟Where in my life do I feel like there is something that’s repeating itself?
🌟When I look back in my life, do I feel like any of my relationships have the same issues?
🌟Are there any repeating scenarios or thoughts happening?

Second, figure out what your intention is.
🌟How do I feel now?
🌟How do I want to feel moving forward?

Third, ponder how this belief system or pattern helps you and/or hinders you. Remember, not all belief systems are harmful. There can be some really positive ones--and even the negative ones can have positive aspects. If the belief is positive, then maybe we just need to lean into more or expand upon it. If the pattern or belief is more negative , perhaps they were formed to keep us safe or serve us in some way. We may then discover we aren't in danger anymore OR if we are, there are healthier ways to keep ourselves safe.

When you shift your intentions for how you want to move forward, you get a better perspective on what’s really going on under the surface. You get clear about how you want to feel in your life—not how you want your life to look. All of sudden, those patterns or belief systems that were hidden and insidious come to the forefront to be seen because they contradict how you want to feel.

The clearer you are about your intentions, the more able you will be to create lasting and fulfilling change in your life.

Episode 2 Work:
🌟What can you do this week to shift a pattern that you can see?

🌟🌟How can you get clearer on your intentions and how you want to feel?

Take a few moments this week to connect with Spirit and your inner voice and see what rises to the surface for you.

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