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Summertime makes us think of fun and frolic, especially July...

Summertime makes us think of fun and frolic, especially July...

Summertime makes us think of fun and frolic, especially July. Kids are out of school, it’s hot here in America, and I think of the nostalgia of picnics, swimming, popsicles, and fireworks. Let’s lighten things up a bit this month and talk about the importance of play, fun, and joy. One or all these three life ingredients bring balance to our lives. They empower us, energize us, and raise our energetic vibrations.

Sometimes hearing the words play, fun, or joy can be frustrating because they seem too big or too hard to accomplish. It seems as if everyone else knows how to do it, but you don’t. I believe there are levels of all three. There is big fun like riding a rollercoaster (one of my favorite things) and there is smaller fun, maybe listening to live music outdoors in the evening. I would take that one too. Fun doesn’t have to be play. But play does have to be fun. What do you like to do to play? I play by rhyming and coloring (yes, I am still 4 years old apparently). How do you play? Do you play with an animal friend? Do you play card games, video games, or board games with friends? Do you play a sport or spend time on the water? Play does not have to be a big hard thing the little things count.

Now on to the last one, joy. Play, fun, and joy aren’t mutually exclusive, and they are not always linked. Again, we think of joy as a big emotional state and sometimes it is, but I think that’s not the regular experience of it. Joy is found in the little things and most sustainable in the daily noticing of it.

Recently I was sitting on the beach, I was not having fun and I was not playing, I was in a neutral emotional state observing the waves and the people in the water. A group of 7 young men (most likely just graduated from high school as it was senior week at the beach, a tradition in Ocean City, MD) were playing in the waves and thoroughly enjoying themselves. At one point they ran up on the beach, got in a line, held hands, stood, and looked at the water a moment taking it all in, then they ran plunging themselves into the rough surf. They emerged laughing and thrilled with their exploits. I immediately shifted into joy. I loved watching them and their grand run to the waves, I was joyful in that moment. Joy for their play and their fun but filled with my own joy. I can still see their faces lit up! Ah, I was so grateful for the joy I felt and for the joy they felt as well. Joy for me that day was not paired with my own play or feelings of fun, it was independent and that much more appreciated.

I encourage you to think about the ways you experience play, fun, and joy in your life. If you would like help bringing more of it into your daily life, please call on your joy guide – it’s their job and they love helping you. You can also ask the fairies to help. They love to play and will willingly help you do more of it.

Grab your beach chair, picnic basket, pool floaties, ice cream sundae, crayons, walking shoes, music, or a great book, whatever it is that speaks to you and allow yourself the important element of play, fun, and joy to bring balance into your life.

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Andrea Neville

Andrea Neville

Psychic medium, spiritual coach, teacher, and healer

I am a psychic medium, spiritual coach, teacher, and healer. I work with your spirit guides, guardian angels, loved ones, Akashic Records, and other energies. With assistance from Spirit, I hope to offer what you need in your highest good.

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