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Discover Your Intentions

You might not know where this path will lead, but embracing this journey is essential

You might not know where this path will lead, but embracing this journey is essential

As we embark on a new adventure of spiritual evolution this season, we want to invite each and every one of you to join us in setting intentions for your own journeys. At Adventures with Spirit, we believe that intentions serve as guiding lights, illuminating the way forward on our paths of growth and transformation.

What are intentions? They are extensions of our purpose. Intentions can take the form of goals, practices, or commitments that help us focus our energy and keep moving forward in alignment with who we know ourselves to be. The beauty of intentions lies in their fluidity—they're not set in stone. Just like a flowing river, they may want to evolve in different directions, if we allow them to.

So, let's journey together for Season 3. Here are some prompts to help you discover your intentions for spiritual evolution:

🌿 Reflecting on Your Ideal Self: Close your eyes and imagine your best self, fully aligned with your spiritual evolution. What qualities, emotions, values, and habits does this version of you possess? How can you start incorporating those aspects into your life right now?

🌿 Deepening Your Inner Exploration: Take a moment to explore the aspects of your life that are calling for deeper attention. Are there any beliefs, patterns, or experiences that might need a closer look?

🌿 Infusing Joy and Fulfillment: Consider the activities or experiences that bring you the most joy and fulfillment. How can you weave more of these moments into your day-to-day life?

Now that you have an idea of your intentions, it's time to put them into motion. Here are some simple ideas to play with:

🔥 Candle Ritual: Hold a candle and set your intention for your spiritual evolution. Each time you light the candle, know that you are infusing energy into that intention.

🧘 Meditation: Find a quiet space to meditate on your intention, allowing it to take root within you.

🌸 Affirmation: Create an affirmation or mantra to focus on throughout Season 3, reinforcing your intention in your mind and heart.

🖊️ Word Reminder: Choose one word that represents your intention and write it somewhere visible, serving as a gentle reminder throughout your day.

📓 Journal: Journal about your intention, exploring your thoughts, emotions, and progress along the way.

🃏 Tarot Exploration: Pull cards related to your intention, seeking insights and guidance from the Spirit.

Remember, setting an intention is like taking that leap of faith we discussed in the second episode of the season. You might not know where this path will lead, but embracing this journey is essential for your spiritual evolution.

Did you know that Adventures with Spirit has a community devoted to exploring your intuitive and spiritual development journey? Check out the Spiritual Evolution Collective!

Last Updated:
August 2, 2023
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Andrea Neville

Andrea Neville

Psychic medium, spiritual coach, teacher, and healer

I am a psychic medium, spiritual coach, teacher, and healer. I work with your spirit guides, guardian angels, loved ones, Akashic Records, and other energies. With assistance from Spirit, I hope to offer what you need in your highest good.

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