9 Essential Space Clearing Techniques

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and the flowers are popping, spring is here in Maryland!

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and the flowers are popping, spring is here in Maryland!

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and the flowers are popping, spring is here in Maryland! I value energy clearing and use it regularly not only for myself but also for clients. You may want to give one of us a call for help with some of those ghostly encounters we’ve talked about on the podcast but when it comes to the regular maintenance of your home space you can learn to manage that yourself. Last month, Jessica began our energy clearing series with decluttering tips. I will share some techniques to use during and most definitely after your decluttering or straightening up is complete. 

Moving energy is easy, and it makes a huge impact. How about a spring energy reset?

What is energy that needs to be released and why? The house being closed all winter, illness, a fight or disagreement, anger, stress, big changes (even if good), lethargy, boredom, bringing the energy of a hard day home, working from home, other people in your home. The list goes on. 

We clear it to keep the energy moving so it does not stagnate. Have you walked into a space and it just felt heavy or stuck? That is what we are preventing, so you can enjoy, flow, create and relax in your space.

Let’s talk about ways to clear the energy for yourself, your home, or other spaces. There are many ways to accomplish this, some are more complicated and some very simple. You may choose one technique or combine them, but I would add that different circumstances may require different approaches. If it is a general clearing, you may need only one technique. You may have a favorite go-to that you use. Sometimes, the energy is heavier or more difficult to move. In that case, you may need to use a technique twice or combine a couple of different ones.

The more you do it, the more comfortable and adept you will become at noticing the energy in your home and how to handle it. Here are a few ways you can clear energy:

  1. Open the windows and let fresh air flow through. I open at least one or two on different ends and levels of the house to allow for air/energy movement. If it is a little chilly or hot outside, you can crack the windows for a bit. This doesn’t have to be a wide-open, all-day thing.
  2. Crank up the music and clean the house, or enjoy the quiet and clean the house.
  3. Light a candle, ring a bell, use a sound bowl, clap your hands throughout your space.
  4. Set out a bowl of salt water on the counter. Replace it by dumping it outside or down the drain with a thank you to Mother Earth for transmuting the energy.
  5. Use a sage spray, essential oil, or salt water spray throughout the house or over yourself.
  6. I do not suggest burning sage, also known as smudging, in your home to clear energy, especially on a regular basis. It is cultural appropriation of indigenous peoples’ sacred ritual cleansing and is being used incorrectly. If you ethically grow your own, ask permission of the sage to be used in this way, bless it – then go for it.
  7. Mother Earth, Nature, and Angels are masters of releasing and transmuting energy. You can work with nature to clear your space. 
  8. I suggest checking out the simplified energy cleansing process from Perelandra-ltd.com. It is more time intensive and takes some practice, but it is very effective and puts you in partnership with Nature which is always a good thing.
  9. Are you more of a clearing with Angels person? They make things so easy and, again, perfectly done. A couple of angelic approaches for you to choose from are calling on the Angels in general or specifically calling on Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, and/or Archangel Jophiel. AA Michael is the master of energy clearing and removal. He is the protector and comes with a violet blue light and a mighty sword. He is also the perfect AA for cord cutting, another helpful personal energy clearing technique. AA Metatron uses sacred geometry to clear your chakra system. AA Jophiel clears energy and infuses lovely, beautiful energy into your space. I always finish an energy clearing with AA Jophiel. Simply stated, ask the Angels to clear your home, office, person, anything.

Here are some key points to consider for any of these techniques. You need to bring intention, focus, and a willing participation to hold the space for the work to be done. I always ask a version of the following: all heavy, darkened, stagnant, unneeded energy be released (or cleared) and transmuted. You can thank the energy for releasing and transmuting. I switch it up based on the needs at the time. Happy spring clearing!

Andrea Neville

Andrea Neville

Psychic medium, spiritual coach, teacher, and healer

I am a psychic medium, spiritual coach, teacher, and healer. I work with your spirit guides, guardian angels, loved ones, Akashic Records, and other energies. With assistance from Spirit, I hope to offer what you need in your highest good.